There Are Ten Different Recipes On Monday, Original, Delicious, No Meat

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

Today, for our weekly cookbook, this is not an ordinary Monday, we use it to come up with the idea of making meatless food and / or dinner, and abide by the international movement “meatless Monday” or “meatless Monday”. Today is also World Vegetarian Day. It is a celebration of October 1 since the founding of the American Vegetarian Association in 1977. It has been supported by the International Vegetarian Union since 1978.

It should be said that world vegetarianism day opens the so-called “vegetarianism awareness month” and ends with “world vegetarianism day” on November 1, but if you like, We can tell you another day, because we want to give way to the meatless Monday recipe, which is devoted to rice and a variety of cooking methods.

In fact, we have prepared a compendium of 10 different recipes, which are original, delicious, suitable for people who don’t eat meat on Monday, vegetarians and those who want to eat at home, and can cook easily and healthily any day of the week. There are recipes for fragrant rice, dried rice, Italian rice and even desserts. You know, to access recipes step by step, you just need to click on the link shown in the picture to conquer you (we hope you can conquer everyone). Enjoy yourself!