New Ideas For Making And Decorating Easter Eggs. Video Of

2021-02-12   |   by CusiGO

We have one foot at the weekend, and a lot of people will have more time to do something special in the kitchen. Some people will think of Easter candy. If you have children, you will also like them to help you or participate in the production, so in order to achieve one or more goals, we bring you new ideas for making and decorating Easter eggs.

We say new because a few years ago we left you a video you like (people who don’t know him can see it in the post “how to make Easter chocolate eggs”), but you may also like to change or choose different types of Easter eggs to enjoy making them and surprise your children Children or adults who like chocolate.

So let’s leave a video for you. I hope you can find the inspiration for making and decorating Easter eggs. Even if the video is in English, these pictures are enough for those who don’t understand the pictures. In addition, you don’t have to follow the author’s recipe for how to cook, although you can visit her blog through this link and write down the ingredients if you want.

In the first Easter egg we saw, there were surprises, not toys, but rich M & M’s who insisted on chocolate until it became hard. Then, with a little bit of white chocolate and pigment, you can make a round flat grab that covers the whole egg harmoniously. As you can see, a little bit of melted chocolate is enough. Eggs are called spotted eggs.

The next suggestion is to make a white chocolate egg. It’s called Fanta egg. It’s sprinkled with orange and other colors of sugar, type “PETA Zetas”, and then covered with a layer of white chocolate to keep the candy bubbling.

Instead of preparing more melted chocolate as glue, put half an egg on a hot tray so it melts slightly and is ready to attach to the other half.

Another technique you may be interested in is to decorate the egg by putting it on a bit of melted chocolate. When it hardens, it will stick. In order to complete the Fanta egg, you can draw a few orange and white chocolate lines, you can draw a pair of eyes to make it more interesting, or whatever you think.

The purpose of the next egg is to simulate a nest in which there are three small eggs. It looks like a tree trunk, so it’s an Easter egg with white chocolate inside and dark chocolate outside. In the mold, a white chocolate egg is made and then coated with black chocolate with a brush, as it has helped to make the trunk look rough or rustic.

In the most romantic scenes, what do you usually draw on trees? A heart and a couple’s initials, an original idea for Easter eggs, right? Well, you just scrape the dark chocolate into a heart and start with the melted chocolate.

Golden eggs may be another interesting suggestion to make Easter eggs at home, it’s simpler than it looks. Chocolate eggs can be filled with some chocolate, and then outside with melted chocolate to make a grid, so it has this relief. Finally, it was coated with gold powder and ready.

See who can resist the simplicity of nutella’s Easter egg, a white chocolate egg coated with dark chocolate (or milk, as you wish), filled with nutella or other chocolate cream and hazelnut sauce, generous… Which one do you want?