Women In The Food Industry Celebrate Women’S Day With A Marathon In Support Of Life

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Monday, March 8, is women’s day, so various actions will be taken all over the country. In some cases, these actions will be face-to-face. We believe that these actions will allow too many people to participate (we hope there will be no regret, In many other cases, these are cyber actions that will give women a voice and give them the value and dimension of their work.

In the field of food, one of the activities we want to emphasize is to organize women’s food day, which is a marathon to support “life”, that is to say, it is held directly on social media (instagram), including pastry makers, restaurant owners, chefs, producers, women entrepreneurs, teachers and so on Talents from different food related fields.

The marathon will be held between 08:00 and 17:00. It will be a continuous direct race, but there will be a different professional participating about every half hour. Let’s remember that the women’s Food Association, founded in 2018, aims to combat the invisibility of women’s food and quickly adapt to the situation during confinement to celebrate the Mediterranean food festival online, There, different approaches have been proposed to overcome the complexities of the entire food industry.

As for the solidarity nature of this women’s Food Day (MEG), it is because on Monday, March 8, every new follower of the association added to instagram’s profile will donate to an association dedicated to helping vulnerable women. The reason, they explained, is that “water is life and hope” and that Mahu San Miguel is an official sponsor.

On these lines, you can see photos of participants in the 2021 women’s Day solidarity marathon, under the direction of Annette Arbos, a member of Meg’s board of directors and founder of absoss’s world cuisine, They will discuss the most relevant and up-to-date issues in the industry and its professions: Monastrell, coogandos, group nove, Cana toneta, tondeluna, and Marian de Amos, Adriana and bodegas Ochoa and Castle de canena are some of the most famous names, but all the sounds will be interesting.

So, please pay attention to instagram’s women’s food profile @ mujeresen gastronomia, and follow it from 8:00 next Monday, so that in addition to participating in direct activities, you can also get the most liters of water to donate to a non-governmental organization that benefits the most vulnerable women. Don’t forget to share this online event with your acquaintances and get them to join the women’s Day goals.

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