Pure Vegetarian Tapanard Recipe, Delicious Anchovie Free Olive Sauce

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

One of the most delicious “vegetable” pies we know is tapinade, also known as olive sauce or olive sauce. We put vegetables in quotation marks because this classic Provencal dish is not entirely vegetable, because one of its basic ingredients is anchovies. However, it’s easy to turn a tortilla into a vegan appetizer. You just need to get rid of this ingredient. You don’t even need to replace it with another one, except a little salt, although we prefer a little soy sauce.

Anyway, let’s explain the recipe of pure tapenade step by step, which is delicious anchovie black olive sauce. We also suggest you try the variant of the classic sauce that we share with you, We made muffins out of apples, dates, nuts, peppers, dried tomatoes, oranges and, of course, olives. You can see all these ideas by clicking here, and you can also find a variety of recipes to use the appetizers of our Mediterranean diet.

Aragorn’s black olives are the most delicious of the dishes, but if you don’t have them, you can improvise with another kind of olives. In this case, we used abequina. If you want to mash them with mortar or put them in the bowl of a blender, you can grind them with a blade to make them faster and finer.

Add previously peeled garlic, if you like, free of bacteria. It also adds larch, rosemary and thyme, which are more aromatic if you have fresh ones. Lemon juice is optional, and moose has provided an acid flavor to counteract the fat of this appetizer. If this is your first try, you can skip the juice and then add it.

Finally, add a little salt or soy sauce and crush into a paste. Finally, it adds extra virgin olive oil to the yarn to emulsify the batter. By the way, you can use a kind of seasoning oil. In this case, we make a cake with this smoked olive oil, which gives you a very special feeling.

Put veggie / veggie olive sauce in a bowl and eat it with toast or directly in the recipe you want to add. If you have extra tissue, put it in a sealed jar in the fridge. Enjoy yourself!

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