Easter Mona, Panquido, Panu… Easter Candy

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Easter Mona Lisa is a sweet tradition shared by Catalonia and Valencia communities centuries ago, but everyone has their own unique way of expression, symbolizing the end of Lent abstinence.

Let’s first know that the word “Mona Lisa” comes from the Arabic word “Mona Lisa”, which means a gift. Traditionally, Godfathers give the Mona Lisa to their Godson on Easter Monday for the whole family to taste. It is also said that it came from the Romans, who bought themselves a “monous”, a boiled egg bread paste.

This is the Catalan traditional Easter Mona Lisa, a sweet bread dough decorated with boiled eggs. But it began to change, first replacing eggs with chocolate, and now it’s a carefully made and decorated cake or cake, giving them color and decorating them with children’s favorite elements.

Chocolate has become more and more important in La smonas. Now it is the main component of Catalan traditional candy. They use chocolate to make real sculptures. Big pastry makers use their works of art to lure big and small people, and even hold chocolate figure exhibitions and competitions, A trend that began in castle park in 1904.

In the Valencia community, however, traditions are more conservative. The Easter Mona Lisa is a kind of sweet bread called pankemao or panou, with a pancake at the bottom with a meringue or an egg on it.

But in many areas, eggs are still used to make Easter Bread. These are all made on dough and cooked at the same time. This tradition even extends to other parts of Spain, because we are a delicious country.