26 Gazpacho, Salmorejo And Other Cold Soup Recipes For “Meatless Monday” And All Summer

2021-02-11   |   by CusiGO

Gazpacho, salmorejo, ajoblenco, Mazamorra, vichyssoise and many other traditional and innovative cold soups are all star dishes in summer, which make us refreshing, simple to make, eat more (or even drink more), delicious and always like to repeat, in addition to allowing us to make a variety of variants. Maybe not everyone can see it, but if you combine the large amount of nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fat that should theoretically be included in every meal, a good summer soup can be a “unique dish”.

Of course, we always recommend not crushing everything. Chewing has more benefits than you think, and it’s easy to “trip” in gazpachos and other places. In fact, this is typical. In this compilation of 26 gazpacho, salmorejo and other cold soup recipes, you’ll find many ideas for “meatless Monday” and the whole summer, all vegetarians.

This is the recipe we make every week. It gives us the idea to cook and eat on Monday or on the day of the international campaign to reduce meat consumption (meatless Monday). It’s also a good recipe for vegetarians. Anyway, there are a lot of cold soup recipes on the blog about animal protein side dishes. If you want to see them, just use the search engine.

Well, let’s take a look at the recipe for cold vegetarian soup so you can enjoy it in the kitchen, surprise your guests and share it with your friends and family. You will find that you have all kinds of flavors. You can choose the products nearby. They are always the freshest. You know that you have the introduction of dishes under these lines. To see the recipe step by step, you just need to click on the name on the photo.