Crispy And Spicy Chickpeas For Appetizers And Decorations

2021-02-10   |   by CusiGO

Before the air fryer comes into our kitchen, when we make baked chickpeas, we like to peck them at any time and add them to cream, mashed potatoes, salads… It may take us an hour to heat the oven and cook them. Well, with the frying pan, it’s like a small air oven. We can eat this delicious and healthy snack in less than 15 minutes. If you already have this gadget in your kitchen, please pay attention to our crispy and spicy chickpea recipes for appetizers and side dishes, because you will like it.

Although we always have different spice mixtures to flavor, what we do is more to prepare for most recipes, so that we can guide ourselves according to what we like best at the time and think it is more harmonious. We like to mix spices to make these baked chickpeas, so we suggest you try them, but if you prefer some flavors, you can always change the quantity. For Vera peppers, you can say that you can use sweet, sour, spicy or a combination of them.

If you have children and you want them to enjoy this nutritious snack, maybe it’s better to make the seasoning softer. You can omit some spices or reduce the quantity, and add some herbs, such as oregano or parsley. By the way, if you have a seasoner to make crispy chickpeas that you think are delicious and you want us to try them, please don’t stop sharing recipes in the comments. I’m sure many other people will also like to have different ideas to make their chickpeas as appetizers and side dishes.

You can make this recipe with chickpeas from the boat, put them in a large screen and rinse them under the tap water nozzle until the foam stops. Dry them in a container covered with napkins or rags.

Then put the chickpeas in a bowl, add salt, spices and extra virgin olive oil, mix well and place in a frying basket. You can cover them with vegetable paper so they won’t get dirty.

The program is about 9 minutes at 200 ° C, which is the time we use chickpeas. With smaller varieties, the time can be reduced. Now, the power of our air fryer is about 2000 Watts. For other fryers with smaller power, the time may be different.

When the chickpeas are crisp and roasted, put them on a tray to cool. Someone may burst, but you can eat them. You can put this snack in a closed jar, ready at any time. Enjoy yourself!

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