Twelve Season Recipe Of Artichoke

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

With ham, longaniza, seafood, spaghetti, tender wheat, chicken… Artichoke can be cooked and mixed with many ingredients. It can also be cooked in different ways, such as cooking, baking, frying, frying and so on. We have collected 12 kinds of artichoke recipes, Today we have this garden again as the main character of the Sunday recipe, here are 12 artichoke season recipes.

They’re mostly appetizers, but you’ll also find some popcorn and lids, as well as some entrees. In all cases, they are easy to make recipes, and by following them step by step, you can get a good dish. Even if you start from the kitchen, they are also your inspiration for making new dishes.

In other words, these artichoke recipes are ideal for those who care about a balanced and diverse diet. You can try them once or twice a week and enjoy different artichoke dishes in different seasons. We hope you like them.

Artichoke and bacon kebabs: a combination that won’t fail, perfect as an appetizer. Don’t miss the sweet onion, whether it’s purple or white.

Artichoke: This is the traditional recipe of Andalusian cuisine. No recipe should be lacking. It is easy to make and can be used as a lid, appetizer or decoration.

Artichoke with almonds and smoked peppers: This is a recipe for cooking artichoke and frying it. It’s also a good appetizer or side dish.

Artichoke and duck ham and velvet: artichoke cooked (not peeled), after the grill, to make it more flavor and texture. Delicious duck ham and cheese.

Artichoke heart with salt and Sage: when artichokes come into season, it’s also a good time to freeze them. In this case, they are mini artichokes, sauteed with vanilla and served with pickles, a delicacy suitable for any occasion.

Cream and chestnuts with artichoke: This is a very delicious cream, artichoke goes well, it is not a complex ingredient, it can be mixed with other ingredients. You’ll be surprised at how few ingredients are needed to make this dish.

Longganiza de Pueblo toast with artichoke sauce: a great dish for informal dinners, pans or dinners.

Artichoke fried rice: if you want to make vegetable rice, artichoke is delicious. This recipe is simple, and you won’t be disappointed.

Artichoke risotto and turmeric mushrooms: artichoke is also an ideal choice for risotto. There is not only one way to do it, but you will love this recipe because it is simple and delicious.

Artichoke tender wheat: if you like sweet wheat, with this recipe, you will like it and its combination with artichoke, which is a nutritious and healthy family dish.

Artichoke and cheese Trot: some delicious artichoke stir fry and wine stew are ideal for rich spaghetti, try it.

Ketchup and artichoke: baked artichoke slices make it delicious and crispy, paired with rich juicy chicken breast cooked on the same grill.