Steamed Eel Rice With Artichoke, The Next Recipe For Paella

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

Whether it’s Thursday, Sunday or any day of the week, here’s a recipe for your next meal, because it’s a very delicious dish besides being easy to do, so please pay attention to artichoke rice, Chipirones and smoked eels in case you have to buy some ingredients to make them. However, you can always make your own adjustments because you prefer other ingredients and you have to adapt to the things in the refrigerator and / or storage room.

Of course, artichoke is seasonal now, but when it’s over, don’t hesitate to make the same rice with chipirones and other vegetables you like. You can also use other varieties of rice, we change from pump, Bombita, Senia, Albufera, J. sendra… Each kind of rice has its own characteristics and liquid ratio requirements, which is needed to obtain rice at the right time. But sometimes the solution is to play with firepower.

It takes a lot of rice to make good rice, so those who still have a little respect for making paella and rice, the earlier you start, the better. So far, this paella recipe made of artichoke, chipirones and smoked eel may be a good way to start, and it’s a good way to change for those of you who are good at rice.

Clean up the artichoke, remove the skin, cut off the tip of the leaf, peel off the stem, cut it into a quarter, and put it in a bowl with water and parsley to prevent rust. Peel the white onion and tender garlic, wipe a quarter of the pepper, and then prick them with mirex.

Heat the fish and vegetable soup in a pan, bring it to a boil, and keep it warm until you put it in the rice. Clean chipirone and prepare the rest of the ingredients. In this article, you have to prepare in advance, and we will explain how to make it. If you have neither time nor time to make it, you can use it instead of rice and add tomato sauce, cassava or chili sauce. It will also be very rich.

Put the paella on the fire, spray a large amount of extra virgin olive oil on the fire, add the drained artichoke while it is hot, turn them over, put them on the edge of the paella, pour the onion, tender garlic and pepper in the middle, stir fry with salt for a few minutes, The fire should be half high until the onion is transparent.

Put the vegetables on the edge of the paella, add chili powder in the middle, stir fry for a few minutes, and mix all the ingredients of the paella in the middle. Add salt resin and saffron silk, rotate a few times, add rice, continue to bake, make the grain pearly, absorb the taste of paella, then pour into the hot broth, all ingredients are evenly distributed.

Bring to a boil at medium high temperature, then cook over open fire for about 8 to 10 minutes. Then lower the heat and cook for another six to eight minutes. Turn off the heat and rest for five minutes.

Put the smoked eel fillets in the middle of the paella and put them on the table. Bring the paella to the guests, put it on the plate, and don’t forget to ask them if they want some “overshoes”, even though the cookers and distributors should get the best part. Enjoy yourself!

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