Sea Bass With Beans And Papaya Sauce, A Noble And Exquisite Recipe

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

When a word is used countless times in other fields, we sometimes find its true meaning, but fortunately, it is understandable. If we tell you that this bass recipe made of beans and papaya sauce is noble, many people will know that this adjective refers to the aesthetic category, but we also hope that it refers to the taste combination of all elements in the dish, so we have to add another adjective, exquisite. We can expand the list of adjectives for this dish, and finally, it’s the simplest, but I’m sure it’s worth a try and it’ll stay in your recipe forever.

Even if you’re not a good friend of beans, we always tell you that you should give more chances to foods that you don’t like, because maybe what you like in the end is how they are cooked. Here, red beans are simply cooked, and they come with perch (a delicious fish we make with iron) and papaya, coriander, and lime sauce (which, you know, is more like a salad), and we share their recipes with you in this article.

We’ve told you that you can make a lot of papaya sauce to try different dishes. The easiest way is to start with cornflakes or toto, which is good, but with this red bean bass recipe, you’ll be conquered. So please pay attention to this idea. We’ll explain some details to you, but it can’t be a simpler recipe.

Mexican style Papaya sauce should be prepared in advance and taste better at rest, but before serving, it’s better to put it at room temperature, so it tastes better, and it doesn’t have much temperature contrast with freshly made fish.

You can cook red beans as usual, or you can use quality pickled beans, and you always have to check the ingredients list to make sure you only carry what you need, beans, water, salt and antioxidants (and some brands don’t use antioxidants).

Prepare bass fillet or fillets, remove all possible spines, but keep skin. To make fish, heat a pan or pan with some extra virgin olive oil. When it’s hot, put the fish on one side of the skin and season with salt.

When the skin of the fish is crisp, turn it over and gently turn it over, then put it back on the plate. If diners don’t want to eat crisp skin, you can take it off.

There’s grilled bass on the plate, as well as red beans and papaya salad. Season with a little Marden salt, Tarquin and a wisp of extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy yourself!

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