Barcelona 2021 Food Forum Will Be Held From October 18 To 20

2021-02-08   |   by CusiGO

The Barcelona food forum has been renovated and will be restarted in October next year. One of the new images of this famous big food conference is to open up to new markets and contribute to the recovery of the industry, as is the Barcelona food forum. This new platform will continue to provide a platform for professionals in the industry to exchange experiences and plan future solutions. At this moment, companies and professionals in this field need this platform very much, Looking for opportunities and ways to recover, Barcelona 2021 food forum promises to provide the best tools for business revival.

Barcelona 2021 food forum will be held in montoy from October 18 to 20, but this conference is not only face-to-face, digital proposals will also be included in it, that is to say, it will be open to a wider market in virtual form, and more and more food and other activities will also be included in it. So many departments. The organization is also committed to expanding participation in the closest international markets, including food services, equipment, services, distribution… As well as small producers in the primary sector and food crafts.

Like previous Barcelona food festivals, we will organize a rich program, including speeches, seminars, lectures, debates, live cooking demonstrations, guided tours, award ceremonies, competitions… No doubt, One of the main issues to be discussed will be new trends in the hotel and catering industry, adaptation to the covid-19 epidemic, solutions to the new responsibilities of horeca professionals, etc., but there will be a theme for all stakeholders, As usual.

👩 It’s a new one, because it’s a new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new. #Bcn21 returns to recente montju í C de @ Fira Barcelona from November 8 to 10. Book Spanish TEUs! Photo:

-Barcelona Food Forum (@ food cfbcn) November 262020

However, so far, we haven’t said anything. The Barcelona food forum is still a few months away, and now it’s time to organize, so the registration and consultation are open, so as to become a part of this great activity, A form has been launched to apply for participation as an exhibitor, which contains a variety of proposals suitable for the needs of small and large businesses, and will be interested in reading dosier, which includes information about all those interested in becoming sponsors of this International Gourmet dating.

In this article (PDF), you can learn why the Barcelona food forum may be the best showcase for a brand, how it enhances its visibility, the possibility of linking the brand to values such as industry recovery or sustainable food, and how it promotes it to a professional audience, Reference materials and industry opinion leaders, how to approach the target audience, etc. data and figures of the last campaign in Kandal City, as well as various forms of sponsorship are also provided. Please take a closer look, because they really help all stakeholders to participate.

Next October, they will gradually release the latest news of Barcelona food forum, so we will continue to pay attention to it. You can also learn everything they say through the Internet and social media, and they have created a new event name and tag, the profile of gastronomic fbcn21. What’s your talk and seminar plan? We hope that they will be able to attend in a face-to-face and virtual way.