The Second Chocolate Carnival

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

Before the hot weather really starts, we can organize a food tour weekend and hold the second chocolate Carnival in Murcia, Santo Domingo square. It’s the second year’s event. We have time to choose, The fair will open next Friday and close on April 24, 2011.

The celebration of the chocolate Carnival proves the success of the first edition. In the next four days, pastry shops will be more involved in the celebration, displaying their products, providing tasting, opening the door to accept school guides, and other activities, In particular, they will pay special attention to the Easter Mona Lisa.

The news tells us that pastry makers will use thousands of kilograms of chocolate at this fair, and they will provide it to the participants in different forms, from chocolate fountains to many other tasting items, to chocolate art works that will be sold to all audiences.

One of the purposes of the fair is to increase chocolate culture, because according to organizers, the climate of Mexicans makes chocolate more difficult to process and consumes less than other geographical regions of China. They say you need to know what high quality chocolate is and what’s the biggest benefit. As we all know, chocolate with high cocoa content is healthier than chocolate with low cocoa content (because of its ingredients) and contains other additives.

It is also a way to promote the work of the pastry industry association and support its activities. At the second chocolate fair, the pastry industry includes Anna, rose, Gloria Bonacci, Nicholas, Maite, Busquets, todo pan and Duran. The visiting time is 11-14 hours and 17-21 hours.

Back to one of the themes of this festival, the Easter Mona Lisa, participants will be able to discover its history, this candy tradition, we know, different regions are different. In Murcia, the tradition of Easter monkeys still exists, consisting of a sweet dough decorated with a baked egg, just like in some parts of taragona and Valencia communities.

By the way, we have to prepare Easter candy, right?