Strawberry Cream Easter Mona Lisa

2021-02-07   |   by CusiGO

When we make desserts, we can decide according to our own making situation. We consider making an Easter Mona Lisa for each dinner, but we also want to make it more juicy and creamy. We only need to fill it with seasonal fruit and strawberry and cream, one of its best allies.

Today, we visited some pastry shops and noticed that people buy the most Easter candy. In many cases, they choose the stuffing of Easter monkey, Panus, Tonya, panquimo or flour (and other candy). So, instead of ensuring success like a single Easter monkey, who doesn’t like cream strawberries and monkey like fluffy sweet bread, we should integrate a different touch into our traditional family candy?

On Monday, we’ll use what you already know about the Easter Mona Lisa recipe (click on her name to read the recipe). With this dough, we can make 14 to 16 individual Mona Lisa, depending on the size we give them, In this way, we can also make bigger ones for the most delicious food. The rest you can imagine, sewing and singing.

To prepare an Easter Mona Lisa filled with strawberries and cream, prepare the dough and bake it in time so that it has time to cool at the end of the process.

Fillings can be put away hours in advance, but you have to have enough space in the fridge until you run out. Otherwise, you’d better put the monkey on it before serving.

But don’t over stir the cream with the Thermomix, because you know how easy it is to start mixing the cream with sugar or just stir it too early, It turns into butter.

Strawberries should also be washed and sliced at the last minute so that you can enjoy all the flavors. If you have done it before, the texture of strawberries will be good, but they will be tasteless.

There’s plenty of explanation for filling Monas, but let’s remember a trick to make the pastry sleeve always clean and use it to make cream, and we recommend that you shield it with a star shaped nozzle.

Once you’ve put the Easter Mona Lisa stuffing and “lid” in place and put the egg in for decoration, you can put a butterflower to hold the egg, or if the egg is flat, practice cutting and inserting.

Finally, sprinkle with the Easter Mona Lisa, which is filled with glass candy, ready to make your guests taste sweeter.