Yogurt With Pears, Papaya And Homemade Chocolate Granola Cereal Is Nutritious And Delicious

2021-02-06   |   by CusiGO

A few days ago, we shared with you the formula of papaya sauce (you who haven’t met, you can click here to visit). You sent us some messages, saying that you have the same opinion about the taste of this fruit. This fruit is tasteless. In some cases, you said you would not buy it any more, In other places, you may want to find recipes, such as the sauce mentioned above, to enjoy papaya, because it is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin a content, and you like to add it to your diet, especially in your children’s diet. So in our opinion, it’s very meaningful that not all food is because it’s delicious, but we also have to take healthy food and we will continue to provide you with the idea of eating papaya taste.

Today we’re going to make a breakfast we like, and we’ll encourage you to prepare our homemade chocolate granola. In the breakfast bowl, you can see the illustrations of these lines. You have yogurt, pear, papaya and chocolate granola. They are all arranged in more or less order, but after the photos, it is appropriate to mix all the elements. The combination of taste and texture is beautiful. It’s no more than three minutes to prepare this breakfast, so it’s a good choice whether it’s at home or at work or study center, so pay attention to the recipe, if you can define it like this.

Chocolate and hazelnut granola cereal need to be prepared in advance, and you can see the recipes in this article. On days when you don’t have granola, you can replace it with breakfast cereal, ideally sugar free or whole grain.

To prepare a bowl of breakfast, start with sweet yogurt (we drink Fargo, but you can also make it at home), which can also be replaced by fresh cream cheese, Greek yogurt or your favorite natural yogurt.

Peel the pear and cut it into thin slices or small pieces. Peel the papaya if you like and cut it into small pieces according to your taste.

Put yogurt in a bowl, add pear and papaya, and add chocolate and hazelnut cereal. If you want to decorate your photo with mint leaves (and label us on instagram), you can try some chopped leaves and yogurt without hesitation, which will also add fragrance and flavor to this nutritious breakfast.

Once you mix all the food in the bowl, breakfast is ready. If you want to get it ready to carry with you, remember that with tapas, you can separate yogurt, fruit and cereals so that they maintain their texture and mix before you eat them. Enjoy yourself!

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