International Academy Of Gastronomy Award 2021

2021-02-06   |   by CusiGO

Once again, the Royal College of gastronomy surprised us that it was the first institution to report on the 2021 International Academy of gastronomy awards. We visited the websites of AIG (International Academy of gastronomy) and other national colleges recognized by the institution, We don’t find any information about these awards, we talk about it year after year, and we’ve always been curious.

Let us remember that, as it reflects on its website, the aim of the International Academy of gastronomy is to protect and develop the culinary culture and heritage of all the countries with which it works (claiming to be on all continents) and to promote modern cuisine, research and development in its creativity Food and food, support and promote food related cultural, educational, nutritional and tourism initiatives and projects, sponsor activities, research and work, and give recognition and awards.

Well, because the only information about the latest version of the 2021 International Academy of gastronomy award is the information provided by rag, the information provided by the Royal Academy of gastronomy through its website (you can see it here), which we will eventually go with, it refers to It’s part of the vote at the International Academy of gastronomy conference.

The first good news is that one of AIG’s top four awards will return to Spain for chef Tonio Perez, who will win the culinary arts Grand Prix. Nevertheless, the chef of atrio shared the award with other famous professionals, such as guy Savoy of France, Antonia Krugman of Italy and Peter Goosen of Belgium. Rag reminds us that other Spanish chefs who have won this award include Juan Marie alzac (1992), Ferran Adria (1994), Santi Santamaria (1996), Joan Roca (2011) and angel Leon (2019).

In addition to the “award”, there are five awards, namely “future chef Award”, “Food Literature Award”, “pastry chef Award”, “sumeller Award” and “multimedia Award”. Four of them were provided by Spanish professionals as follows:

Makad Castro (malloca makad Castro restaurant)

The book was written by chef Luis Alberto Lera, owner of the restaurant of the same name, Castro de Campos

Jordi bord รก s, founder of the veladecans pastry school in Barcelona, world pastry cup champion

Gastronomika live is an online format that for the first time allows digital access to world food conventions such as the San Sebastian food festival

Well, we want to congratulate all those who have won these awards. Although there are more to be commended, AIG does not want to ignore the great efforts of the hotel and catering industry, especially in the difficult times they have had to overcome in the past year, And those who are still experiencing administrative restrictions and closures, and call on all its members and the community as a whole to support the early recovery of the hotel industry.