Maria Jose Meda Hot Chocolate Mascarpone Fried Dough Sticks

2021-02-05   |   by CusiGO

If you want to make doughnuts, surprise your friends or family, and make them into delicious desserts or juicy snacks, you will love the suggestions we put forward in the “Chef’s recipe” section, This is a hot chocolate mascarpone from the chef of Mar í a Jos é MEDA’s El bat á n de tramacatella hotel restaurant in the Teruel mountains. They’re traditional whipped dough sticks filled with a very easy and quick to prepare mascarpone cream, and bathed moderately with a flowing and bright chocolate sauce.

This recipe doesn’t need further explanation, but needs to be put into practice, so please note that whether it’s Easter or any other day when you like to enjoy the traditional sweets of Spanish food, bring these cakes full of mascarpen hot chocolate sauce to your table, But the extra cream and chocolate, no one can resist.

Heat the milk in a pan, bring to a boil, add oil and stir. Then add the flour and stir until the dough comes off the wall of the pan. Remove from the fire and let the temperature drop to about 25 ° C. Then mix the eggs one by one, and stir them hard with a stick to make them combine to get a thin and even dough.

In a pan, with a lot of sunflower oil, deep fry the doughnut over a mild fire so that it’s empty. Place them on absorbent napkins and stir with sugar (which can be flavored with cellophane or cinnamon, cocoa or other spices).

Mix the cream and mascarpone cheese with an electric stick until the mixture comes together to make it more like cream.

Cut the chocolate into small pieces and burn it in Mary’s bathroom. Add the previously heated cream, stir until it’s completely melted, and remove from the fire. Add the butter, mix well, and pass the cream through the filter.

Fill the fritters with mascarpone cream and put three on each plate. Bathe in hot chocolate and garnish with a thin slice of apple and a few barrels of orange soaked apples.

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