You Cook Today: Marianne’S Toast

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Today, we enter a new kitchen through this window and the recipes section “you cook today.” this is Carmen K. salmon’s kitchen. She is the author of flamenco punk food blog, where she shares recipes and tips for Mediterranean food. In fact, he shared his Bullfighter cookbook and invited us to pay special attention to the heading “nutritional properties”, so under these headings, we share with you Carmen’s “Marian bullfighter” and its contribution to nutrition.

“There’s no doubt that torrihas is a vibrant thread, they have B vitamins, thanks to bread. If you use whole wheat bread, you get more vitamins than fiber, which is good for the gut. Egg is the king of nutrition: it combines all the nutritional characteristics and advantages, whether it’s protein, mineral salts, calcium or high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Cinnamon, this delicious Millennium spice, has been used to treat and alleviate diseases since ancient times. It has antibacterial, bactericidal and antioxidant effects, reduces the risk of heart disease, activates the production of pancreas and insulin, helps to fight reproductive diseases, protect neurons, and reduce the formation of tumor blood vessels, When a plant is exposed to fungal infection, the Spanish proverb says, “it’s a vine on a branch.” A spoonful of cinnamon a day is more than just healthy for us.

But not all bullfighters are kind. Too much sugar can cause the liver and pancreas not to work properly, and even lead to diseases, such as melitus type II diabetes. Healthy and enjoy life. ”

We heat the milk until it starts to boil before we take it out. We put Cinnamon Twig, lemon peel and sugar. We took a five minute break. We put bread slices in a big fountain and slowly pour milk on them so that they can be soaked.

We took the bread carefully dipped in the big foam so that it didn’t crumble because it was too soft, and then we put them in the egg with vanilla sugar and cinnamon in it. If we slice hard bread, we have to give them more time to soak and soften.

We heated the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. At the same time, we put a special baking paper on the oven tray, and then carefully put the toast on it.

We had them bake for four minutes. Let’s take them out and enjoy them when they are cold!

The difference between these baked bread and fried bread is that fried bread has much more calories. “French fries are crisper, but baked better,” Marianne said.

Carmen K. Salmeron

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