Rock Brothers’ New Restaurant Will Be “Normal”

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Yes, the Roca Brothers announced in their introduction to El celler de can Roca restaurant on instagram social network: “normally, we will open a new restaurant. Soon. An ordinary restaurant, in an ordinary corner, an ordinary city. “They’re talking about Girona, especially a place in bariville, where there used to be a restaurant offering creative food and wine from the area, levataps, This seems to be because the hotel industry is constrained by the epidemic and has to close down.

The Los Roca brothers’ new restaurant will be “normal” because of its name and concept, or how Jody, Josep and Joan Roca understand something normal. If we refer to the SAR, from different definitions, we can regard it as “normal or ordinary”, “a thing that conforms to certain predetermined rules due to its nature, form or size”, “a thing in its natural state”.

Roca brothers is the soul of several hotel businesses, from the three-star restaurant El celler de can Roca to more attractive banquets and large event venues. During the pandemic, they have to be renovated in order to continue to work, Become a gourmet space offering classic can Roca celler dishes. Girona is also home to can Roca, the rocambolesc ice cream shop and the latest cocoa house.

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Remember, cocoa house is a worker in cocoa and chocolate shops, chocolate shops, chocolate shops and boutique hotels. It’s well run. The new ordinary restaurant is not the only project they work on. It seems that there is still a winery in progress. The ordinary Josep Rocca also has to have his own creative space. A few months ago, he said that they started to develop different types of distillates with herbs and fruits.

They explained that a distillation line of their own might come out this spring, just around the corner. However, we read in an article by Cristina jolonch that Josep Roca delayed the opening of Boca SecA, a renovated tapa and wine bar, and they will soon give more details, because so far, there is not much information about the normal restaurant of Roca brothers, Only the kitchen will be run by Elisabeth Nolla, one of the chefs in the can Roca cell, and the living room will be run by Joaquim cufr é.

Academic kitchens and family traditional kitchens will be combined to create common restaurant dishes, so according to can Roca cell’s sumiller, the new facility will provide the latest classic kitchens to meet current needs and tastes. We’ll find out what normal rock brothers are.