How To Cut And Distribute Cakes Without Basic Tools. Video Of

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

We all like the celebrations that are traditionally enjoyed at the table, and the most delicious people prefer the icing cake, especially when the sweetest things appear on the table. This is known as “divide and rule, divide and rule”. However, it may be that the cake is too expensive and beautiful to break. You don’t think you have the ability to cut the same size part, starting with the distribution of good rations, and finally everyone has no cake…

For these and other situations, we have some tips, some of which we’ve seen in food and companies, and we’d like to share with those you practice, but at the same time, we’d like to show you a video about how to cut and distribute cakes without basic tools. If you find that you don’t have a big or suitable cake knife, a shovel to put the cake on the plate, or just to surprise your partner, how helpful is that.

Under these lines, you can see the tricks popular on Tik tok and spread on different social media and media. In the video, you can see that he plans to cut a birthday cake with a glass of wine. Our idea is that such a cup should also be a container, in which you can eat cake sweets. You only need a spoon, you don’t need a knife, you don’t need a shovel, you don’t need a plate.

Happy 20th birthday to my Jules! #20th birthday cake#

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Let’s assume that you already know about Tik tok. In addition to the challenges of dance and sports, there are many kinds of tricks that can be infected by the virus. Moreover, because it’s impossible, many people related to cooking and food will draw our attention. If you’re a user of this social network, you probably already know how to cut a cake with a glass of wine, and then there are many videos.

This is shown in the video below. In this video, tiktokers collected several articles, and they applied this technique to cutting a cake or cake. They only need a glass of wine, water or the cup at hand, or even a cup or a cup, not to become exquisite, because After all, it can be seen as a resource for special situations, such as in student apartments, campsites…

Although we believe that many young people do it just because they try. The worst part of this system is cutting and serving birthday cakes or any other celebrations, we find how dirty the cups are, and, as a fatty dessert, they have to be thoroughly washed with hot water, whether by hand or in the dishwasher. We won’t prove that unless we have a real need, but we don’t want to stop sharing this virus trick with you. You will tell us what you think and do you think it might be useful for you?