Buffalo Cheese With Dried Tomato Heart

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

Capris salad is a classic Italian dish, and we all know that many of us make it almost every week, although we often touch it by adding other ingredients in order to provide more flavor and fragrance in each bite. Today, we make this version of the masurilla salad with some delicious dried heart tomatoes made in the Michelin star kitchen of l’anti Moli restaurant in urdkona.

So, by showing these lines, you can see that buffalo cheese with beef heart tomato jerky is a very simple recipe, but it must be admitted that it is a luxury recipe for a special appetizer, because we chose a very good Italian cheese with tomato jerky made by chef Vicent guimer รก, There are a variety of cor de bou tomatoes seasoned with garlic, laurel, a little vinegar and oil from the local Millennium olive tree, perfect avocados and freshly roasted crisp almonds.

Each piece of buffalo cheese weighs about 125 grams, so this kind of appetizer or appetizer can be suitable for two to four people, depending on what you want to eat. If you want to try l’anti Moli rebost’s dried tomatoes, you can find them on the restaurant’s website. You can visit them through this link. Most importantly, to complete this dish, you must use high-quality extra virgin olive oil, But a few drops is enough, because every bite is a taste pump, and your (healthy) fat intake is enough.

Drain the buffalo marsula balls, dry them, cut them in half and put them on the display board.

Drain the dried tomatoes out of the oil, cut them into Juliana (you can also slice them whole, they’re not big), and put them on the masurilla. Add a little sea salt (or Marden) and some tomato oil.

Heat a pan and bake the almonds into a stick shape. No oil or other fat is added. Just keep the medium heat and move the almonds to bake evenly. You can also bake it in the microwave. When they start to change color, remove them from the fire because they will continue to change color as the temperature rises.

Peel the avocado and cut it into small pieces. Cut up the lettuce sprouts which are not too thin and put them on the masurilla. Put the roasted almonds and avocados on the plate.

Finally, add black pepper to the mozzarella, add dried tomatoes and sprouts, season with black salt and extra virgin olive oil.

It’s served with tomatoes, avocados and roasted almonds. It’s served with toast, Colin or whatever you like. Enjoy yourself!

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