15 Kinds Of Sweet Bean Recipes, Adding Plant Protein To “Meatless Monday” Dessert

2021-02-03   |   by CusiGO

In terms of plant protein, beans are the stars, and so are many other nutrients, because they are beneficial. In fact, many of you may now find that even in desserts, you can enjoy vegetables without knowing you’re eating them. In fact, chickpeas, beans, lentils, soybeans… Are products that we should cherish, because they are our own, and have so many advantages in cooking and health that if we want to talk about super food, we don’t have to look too far away, the beans produced in our territory are enough.

There’s nothing like using beans in the kitchen to make us work harder at the dinner table, or even to make us have a sweet fantasy. If you notice these 15 recipes for sweet beans, you’ll find it easy, You can add plant protein to your meatless Monday desserts, or any day when the main course lacks this massive nutrient. Or you can make and enjoy them just because they’re right for you, not just as desserts, because pancakes can be ideal for breakfast, and chocolate mousse can be a great choice for snacks.

Well, in this recipe for desserts and beans, you’ll find everything from brownies to one (or more) chocolate mousse, smeared and filled with nutritious, healthy and delicious cream, a variety of spoon desserts, cream, pancakes, pancakes and biscuits. Here’s an introduction to the 15 meatless Vegetarian Recipes we’ve collected for Monday. You know, to see how they’re made step by step, just click on the name in the photo. You’ll like them, so don’t hesitate to try one-on-one and share this compilation with your friends and family, which will also enable them to consume plant protein and reduce meat consumption.