Sweet Potato With Coconut Cream, Apple And Hazelnut Is A Sweet, Healthy And Delicious Recipe

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

We like the combination of sweet potato and coconut, but we have to say that in this recipe, one of the main ingredients, such as cream or coconut cream, can be replaced by labrene or yogurt. We think the most important thing is the freshly roasted coconut slices. Besides the quality, they bring delicious taste, which we are still tasting. So be prepared to pay attention to a sweet, healthy, very delicious recipe, like this sweet potato and coconut cream, apple and hazelnut.

You may be surprised at the harmony between sweet potato and apple, but it’s also a miracle. If you like hazelnut… You will find a new favorite in this sweet food. We don’t know whether to tell you that it’s a good dessert, an ideal breakfast, or a snack you want to repeat. Any of these three moments is a good lunch This kind of sweet potato with coconut, apple and roasted hazelnut can be repeated several times a week, because it is not only a simple recipe, but also very nutritious and healthy. You can’t ask any more.

You can make sweet potatoes in the oven or in the microwave. In the first case, after washing, it was packed with aluminum foil and baked at 160-180 ℃ for about 30 minutes. The time varied with the size of sweet potato. If you want to put them in the microwave, you can put them in a suitable cooking container and run them at maximum power for 8 minutes. In this article, you can see more details about cooking sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes.

To make apples quickly, you can also use the microwave oven, glue them together, cut them into quarters, take out the heart and put them in a silicone box or similar container. There is no need to add any other content, program 3-5 minutes of maximum power. They should not be cooked too well, can’t be cut into small pieces, and have texture in the filling.

To prepare coconut cream, you can sweeten it with coconut sugar (or the sugar you use), or mix it with sweeteners such as erythritol, sucralose… And store it at room temperature. Finally, cut the roasted hazelnuts into small pieces, and then put the coconut slices in an oiled pan. They are crisp and fragrant.

To serve these filled sweet potatoes, you can choose to heat them briefly, but the cold ones are delicious, not from the refrigerator, at room temperature, just like apples.

Make a vertical cut on the sweet potato, open it like a book, fill it with coconut cream, then process the diced apples, and distribute the chopped hazelnuts and roasted coconuts. Finally, fill the sweet potato with coconut, apple and hazelnut, add a wisp of maple syrup or raw honey, and prepare it for you and your guests. Enjoy yourself!

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