Smoked Bacon And Baked Tomato Sandwich, “You Don’T Know How Good It Is.”

2021-02-02   |   by CusiGO

“You don’t know how good this is” is what they said when they first tasted a bacon and grilled tomato sandwich at the table, although I obviously didn’t think of it, I know, because it’s a sandwich we’ve made many times, but it’s this sentence that reminds us to share the recipe with you. You know what we’re thinking, and if good things are shared, it’s doubly good.

So we’ll explain how to make this delicious bacon and baked tomato sandwich with some cheese and fresh spinach sprouts. It’s a very simple recipe, but there are also some details that make the whole taste and texture different. You’ll love dinner. One day you don’t want to cook, but you want to eat well, if possible, on the sofa. Although it’s also a good way to start a long day, don’t hesitate to get ready for breakfast.

Heat a large pan. When it’s hot, put the bacon slices together. Don’t add olive oil, because the bacon will produce its own fat. Turn it over and put it on the plate.

Put the rest of the fat in the pan. Put half of the pan on the crumbs. In order to make it taste a little, there should be some fat left in the pan to cook the tomatoes. Use it to gently bake the outside of the bread.

Put the bread on the plate and the sliced tomatoes and pears in the pan, just to one side, so it tastes good, but it doesn’t fall off. At the same time, sprinkle cheese on top of the bread. If you like, you can also use other types of fresh cheese.

Put cheese and spinach leaves on the plate, then bacon and tomatoes. Add salt, fresh black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Cover it with bread. Enjoy yourself!

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