2021-02-01   |   by CusiGO

In Valencia community, Easter longaniza is a very traditional way of consumption. It is a pickled longaniza made of lean meat, chopped pork and spices. It is stuffed into a narrow intestine (according to the quality mark, in the natural mutton intestine) and enjoys the CV quality mark. Easter longan is usually found in 18 to 20 cm pieces, which dry for about 15 days, less than other cured longan.

Easter longaniza is pink, strong and fleshy, with a maximum moisture content of 35%. The taste is natural, with flavors of spices (with good anise spots) and meat, and you should enjoy the handmade Easter longaniza to make the most of its quality and taste.

At present, the longaniza of Holy Week is all year round in the meat shops, specialty stores and hypermarkets of Valencia community. In this case, it can be found in other communities and is empty packed.

Originally, Easter longaniza was the accompaniment of the Valencia community’s Easter Mona Lisa, a more stable, moderate sweetness cake bread baked with eggs. As a tradition, boiled eggs are beaten on the forehead of a lunch companion, and Easter lunches are usually held in the countryside with friends and family, they said. It was lettuce, and then some people had some chocolate for lunch.

We don’t eat Easter longanisa all year round, not because we don’t like it. On the contrary, we have kept our longanisa in the butcher’s shop, but it’s not one of our Easter Traditions (we met when we moved to Valencia community), We have to remember that there are a lot of pickled langanyi and sausages that can be changed… So in these days, we prefer it.

what about you? Have you ever tried this longaniza?