Chef Mingu Conger Won Inedit Damm Chef Choice Award In 2021

2021-01-30   |   by CusiGO

It is less than two weeks before the 2021 award ceremony for the list of 50 best restaurants in Asia. As we said at that time, in the weeks before the award ceremony, some awards will be awarded to professionals in the industry. So far, it is reported that Chinese chef Tan di’ai won the best female chef award in Asia in 2021, and Singapore’s meita restaurant won the American express one person viewing award in 2021.

Well, another award has been announced today. INEDIT damm chefs’choice award was awarded to chef Mingo Conger of Minges restaurant in Seoul in 2021. Please remember, this award is in recognition of the chef with the most votes on the list, which shows that he has a high reputation and achievements. Attract the interest of food experts and critics.

In 2014, the chef opened mingles restaurant in a short period of time. Thanks to word-of-mouth (a very effective advertisement), he gained great popularity and success among food lovers. His outstanding performance in cooking has been recognized by food critics at home and abroad. In fact, he won the Michelin star in the first edition of Michelin Seoul guide in 2017 and the second edition of Michelin Guide in 2019. It is pointed out that he will soon get the third star in the red guide.

Food experts say the chef has discovered a recipe that can project the future of Korean cuisine into the future, combining Eastern and Western cooking and cooking techniques, but always maintaining the essence and taste of its roots. It should be said that several Asian chefs have made this merger, especially those with rich experience in Western kitchens.

He graduated from Gyeonggi University in South Korea and later worked as an intern at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Florida and worked with famous chef Martin berasategui. He worked in other restaurants and became the youngest chef in a restaurant, which clearly shows his dizzying promotion and consolidation as a great chef.

Her professional background gave her a solid foundation in Western cooking technology. Later, she returned to South Korea to study with famous chefs such as Zheng Guang or Zhao Xishu, who won the best Asian chef award in 2020 last year, and expanded her understanding of Chinese cooking. All the knowledge and experience are transformed into Mingus restaurant, which, as we say, is one of the only ways for food critics and experts all over the world and has gained more popularity year after year.

Mingus restaurant was ranked 15th in the list of 50 best restaurants in Asia in 2016 for the first time, but also won the most advanced entry award and the title of best restaurant in South Korea. Given its expansion, Minggu Kangle has decided to open hansik goo restaurant in Hong Kong, China, in 2020, where diners can enjoy the reinterpretation of Korean menu. They commented that ginger, known as “Korean umami”, is the basic condiment of Korean cuisine. In fact, it is three kinds of sauces (sweet ginger, Dorn ginger and gaoqiu ginger), which are the cornerstone of cooks’ cooking. Through them, the acidity of Korean traditional ingredients can be highlighted.

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