Healthy Chocolate For Valentine’S Day

2021-01-29   |   by CusiGO

Cakes and cakes, roses or bouquets, chocolate, perfume… Are you the makers of Valentine’s Day gifts? Well, we’ll motivate you again, encourage you to personalize your gift, if it’s not February 14, then another day, because there’s no date to prove the feeling of love or friendship. Besides, you know, some people say that cooking is an act of love.

Well, you don’t have to do too much, but if you prepare some strawberries and chocolate hearts to give healthy chocolates on Valentine’s day, you will get a striking, delicious and homemade gift. But sometimes it repeats many times. Anyway, here’s our best advice on how to make this detail edible in photos and videos.

We think it’s a good idea to give away strawberries and chocolate “chocolate” for various reasons. If you choose chocolate with high cocoa content, starting from 72%, they may be healthy chocolate. But if you have 85% cocoa, it’s better. You know, the higher the cocoa content, the lower the sugar content. In addition, as a filler for fresh fruit, you are enjoying foods rich in vitamins.

Another advantage of giving away this delicacy is that it is more personal than going to the store to buy a box of chocolates or anything else, which shows more dedication and interest to the recipient. It’s also cheaper, you can eat more sweets, and the combination of chocolate and strawberries is delicious…

It’s easy to make hearts out of strawberries or fresh fruits. Although some fruits already have a very heart like shape, in this case, the idea is to provide a clearer shape by cutting them into two parts and connecting them with chopsticks (remember how to make hearts out of cherry tomatoes?) Then they bathe in chocolate, and when it solidifies, it’s enough to keep shape. Let’s take a look at the picture above.

In order to make these fresh fruit chocolates healthy and ideal for any occasion, you only need two basic ingredients. Then if you want to decorate the strawberry heart with chocolate, you can add more ingredients, such as other types of chocolate (milk, white chocolate or Ruby), spray, candy, Chopped nuts, crushed cereals… You can also season chocolate with spices, crushed orange peel, a few drops of vanilla, cinnamon…

Under these lines, we’ll leave you the video so that you can make some eye-catching chocolate strawberry hearts step by step, and you’ll find that it’s easy and doesn’t have to wait until February 14 to be ready (although your task is to wait for the strawberry season, which is richer and cheaper), Especially if you have children in your family, they will like to participate in cooking to make these chocolates.

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