Espelta Pancakes, Bananas And Dates, A Delicious Breakfast, Take Home Or Taber

2021-01-29   |   by CusiGO

Breakfast pancakes are no longer the exclusive news of the weekend, because little by little, many people begin to encourage themselves to try pancakes and find that they are easy to make, especially because they can make nutritious and healthy versions, and people pay more and more attention to good diet. Today we bring you our espelta pancake recipe, bananas and dates. You will find that it is a delicious breakfast that you can eat at home or take to work or study center.

When you finish your breakfast, you will find that in addition to enjoying, you also feel satisfied and satisfied, and there is no hunger when you eat. So, let’s take a look at the recipe for espelta pancakes. We use a very mature banana and dates for sweetness. First make sure you can use the whole wheat flour you want instead. In order to match these soft and fluffy pancakes with delicious pomegranate grains to bring sweet and sour taste, almonds can use other fruits to adjust the seasonality of breakfast in addition to rich contrast in texture.

Of course, you can also eat your own pancakes without fruit, nuts or syrup, because they are delicious. They are not only a big breakfast, you can also prepare snacks. By the way, for those who have a high sweetness threshold, maybe to begin to enjoy this kind of Cooking Preparation with only fruit sweetness, you need to add a little sweetener and gradually reduce it until the threshold is lowered, and eventually all the flavors will be appreciated more.

Peel the banana and put it in the blender cup. There are boneless medtrons, eggs, espelta flour and milk or vegetable drinks in it. Add a teaspoon of baker’s yeast and a few drops of vanilla (very concentrated).

Crush with an electric blender until the dough is even and dense, because medjol dates are very tender and don’t cost anything.

Put a pan or non stick bagel with a little extra virgin olive oil, then pour two tablespoons of dough for each pancake, about eight units out.

Cook the dough over medium heat. When one side of the dough is gilded, turn it over with a silicone spatula (we use one to make pancakes), so that it can be made for the other side. Put the pancakes on a plate with absorbent paper.

When you make pancakes, peel the pomegranates and gently bake the almonds into sticks (or add the nuts you want and bake them).

Place the espelta pancakes, bananas and dates on a plate and distribute the pomegranates, almonds and sugar free syrup (optional). Enjoy yourself!

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