Chickpea Puree, Shiitake And Bimi. Delicious Recipes All Year Round

2021-01-29   |   by CusiGO

We eat beans every week. Besides the popular chickpeas, we have more choices to make mashed potatoes, especially if you’re the kind of person who buys chickpeas instead of homemade chickpeas, How easy it is… You may like to buy a can of chickpeas, with some ingredients you carry with you, plus a good extra virgin olive oil, instead of skipping a simple step to buy a finished product of chickpea puree, but what you do at home with the best ingredients is always insurmountable.

In fact, besides chickpeas, we can make other types of mashed potatoes with the same delicious beans. This time, we suggest you try chickpeas, coriander and bimi mashed potatoes. As you can imagine, besides delicious, it has more nutrition. Because we often use pickled beans, we invite you to make this recipe with boiled chickpeas. The rest of the ingredients are as follows. We will explain how to cook them with different choices, but it is always simple and fast.

Finally, you can make this mud in 20 minutes with chickpeas, mushrooms and bimi (you can use cauliflower instead), which is a delicious recipe to enjoy all year round, because all the ingredients are available in the supermarket. You know, the seasonality of food is very important to us, but mushrooms and this natural cauliflower and Chinese cabbage hybrid, also known as baby cauliflower, are produced and sold in an eternal way. In addition, this is a mashed potato that is almost richer than hot at room temperature, and you can tell us what it looks like.

Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a pan, then stir fry mushrooms with garlic slices. When finished, take them out of the pot and set them aside. At the same time, put bimi in a suitable microwave cooker and cook for two or three minutes at maximum power. Cut off the stem of bimi and keep the “flower”.

Put the stem of bimi, fried mushroom with garlic, another garlic clove, cooked chickpea, about half a cup of water or broth (later adjusted to get the desired texture), spices, cumin powder, chili powder and black pepper into the cooking robot. Add olive oil (you can find it in @) well. A little salt, if you think it’s necessary. Crush into cream and grind the water or broth to the desired density.

Place the tip of the bimi in the air, cook with a little salt and some extra virgin olive oil (optional) for two minutes at 180 ° C, and check for a little golden and crisp. If you don’t have a fryer, you can put the rice on a pan or grill and fry it over a high fire.

Put hummus or cream, mushrooms and baby broccoli (cold or hot, you like) on a deep plate. Put bimi’s tips together harmoniously, add Vera pepper slices, hemp seeds and Shredded Mushroom oil, and eat. Enjoy yourself!

A. Abbreviations

soup spoon

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