Chicken With Artichoke And Tomato Sauce

2021-01-28   |   by CusiGO

We are happy to receive requests for healthy recipes in our daily life, because we like healthy cooking and show how in a short time, we can enjoy a nutritious and easy to make main course, as well as all homemade recipes, such as tomato sauce, chicken and artichoke.

The seasoning we made is a little spicy. Its base is similar to Romesco sauce, so it is suitable for many dishes, such as artichoke or roast chicken. Ketchup and artichoke chicken will provide an exquisite set of flavors for anyone who tastes it. At the same time, it is light and nutritious, which is ideal for any day of the week.

Take off the outer leaves of the artichoke, cut off the stem and leave it for further processing. Cut the artichoke in half, if any, and remove the villi from the heart. Put them in water with fresh parsley or lemon so they don’t rust.

Put a pot of water on the fire, when it boils, put the tomatoes in, take them out in three or four minutes, beat them together, and put them in the mortar or in the glass of the blender. Add chopped toast, almonds, 1 clove garlic, spaghetti, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Crush until sauce thickens and set aside at a mild temperature.

Drain the artichoke and heat the grill with olive oil. Slice the artichoke as thin as possible. Peel, chop and coat the remaining garlic cloves. Put the toasted artichoke slices in, sprinkle with pepper, make them a little crispy, turn them over, make them on both sides, and put the garlic in a few minutes later.

On the same grill, once you’ve cleaned it up, so that there’s no residue to scorch and provide an unpleasant taste, add a strand of olive oil and make breasts by adding salt. Put them in a mild fire and turn them over so that they can bask well on the outside and heat goes in, making them dry but juicy.

As we’ve said on other occasions, we usually have a can of butter that can be put on some plates, and when we turn on the oven to bake bread or cake, we can do that. Depending on the size and degree of dryness we want to give you, we keep the temperature around 60 ° C until you lose most of the water and become brittle, or we just turn off the oven and dehydrate with waste heat. In this recipe, we cut them into circles.

Place the roast chicken on a plate, cover with warm tomato sauce, garnish with crispy artichokes and olives, and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and oregano. Enjoy yourself!