“The Hotel Is Everyone’S”, Which Is A Platform For Hotel Operators To Gather Together And Demand The State

2021-01-27   |   by CusiGO

It’s hard to find the right word to define what’s going on in Spain in all aspects of managing the covid-19 epidemic, but today we’re going to talk again about the punishment that the hotel industry is suffering because we want to make a decision for a project that aims to Report this department to the Supreme Court, and you can support it. It’s called “hotel for all.”.

During the crisis caused by the epidemic, in view of the ineffectiveness of the restrictions and genuine assistance received, the protests and demonstrations in the hotel industry were clearly useless, facilities continued to close or services were very limited, But paying countries seem to do 100% of their work. They have suffered huge losses. Since March, they have closed more than 50000 enterprises, but it is estimated that by the end of the third quarter of 2021, about 100000 hotel enterprises may disappear. Don’t forget, the industry is the third largest employer in Spain, with about 2 million families living in the country His professionalism in restaurants, bars, cafes and other places.

Under these headings, you can see a picture we saw on twitter, which reflects the news about direct aid to the hotel industry in Europe that we saw in the newspaper a few days ago. As you can see, direct aid to Denmark is 50 billion euro, and that to the Netherlands is 15 billion euro, Germany 10 billion euro, France 6 billion euro, Britain 5.1 billion euro, Italy 5.4 billion euro, Romania 2 billion euro, Spain 0 euro. That’s too bad.

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-Sergio Sierra (@ sergioelportal) 27 January 2021

At the initiative of a small group of catering professionals composed of etimo, quenqo de PEPA, Casa Alfonso, La tasquita de antre and I NIA ki LPEZ. De vinaspre (sagardi group) and Alfonso pastor (caterdata group) rely on the professionals of cremades & Calvo sotelo law firm to formulate legal strategy, opening a platform called “La hostelera es de todos” for all hotel operators in the country.

Hotel and catering professionals want to participate in legal proceedings based on the property liability system of public administration, They can do so until March 14 next year (the Spanish government announced it would be vigilant against a coronavirus pandemic for a year). It aims to sue the State Administration and the autonomous region for 100% compensation for the losses suffered by the hotel in the past year (and 2021).

In order to calculate these losses, they will calculate the average operating performance in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (based on the opening time of a business if it has a short duration). This information will be provided by each enterprise participating in the program, as well as other documents that you can view on the “La hostelera de todos” platform. You can visit this link. You will also find all the details about the progress of the goals, the strategy proposed by the law firm, the costs and any relevant additional information.