Chickpeas And Broccoli, New Recipes For Healthy Snacks

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

With this chickpea and cauliflower recipe, you also have a variation of the traditional chickpea, which is essential in any recipe. It’s simple to make and not worth buying (it’s also richer and healthier). You also have a good solution to consume cauliflower logs If you don’t like these flowers. We’ve given you some other recipes for eating cauliflower logs, such as this sauce, and we’ll come up with ideas to reduce food waste.

At home, we like to eat steamed, roasted and fried broccoli, so in order to make broccoli chickpea, we specially made it, including the trunk and inflorescence. It must be said that this vegetable leaves a lot of flavor in chickpeas, which is why we put more chickpeas. If you want the taste of chickpeas to prevail, you can even put more chickpeas in the ingredients. Most importantly, you know how to adjust your diet to your liking.

Another feature of this chickpea recipe is that we not only add sesame paste or tahini paste, but also like to put some paste or hazelnut paste. This is one of our favorite nuts. It brings a taste to this chickpea and cauliflower puree. You have to taste it, delicious. Now we’re going to prepare step by step, and I said, it can’t be easier. You just need to remember that chickpeas and broccoli must be cooked in advance.

Chickpeas can be pickled, cauliflower only takes 8 to 10 minutes, and if you put it in a microwave, silicone steamer or similar container, it becomes soft and juicy. This time, we’ll pair chickpeas with a toasted wheat omelette, which is slightly crispy, but we encourage you to try making your pita or naan bread as an unparalleled appetizer.

Put the cooked chickpeas and steamed broccoli into the blender glass. Add sesame and hazelnut paste (or only sesame paste), peeled and chopped garlic teeth, freshly squeezed lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley.

Season with pepper, cumin, black pepper and salt. Add half of extra virgin olive oil and start crushing. If you need some water or chickpea stew to relieve stress, assess it. When the mashed potatoes are almost there, continue to stir and add the remaining extra virgin olive oil to emulsify.

Try the chickpea, adjust it as much as you can, salt, cumin, lemon… You know you can even change the ratio of chickpea to cauliflower.

Place the chickpeas in a deep bowl or plate and garnish with some broccoli and chickpeas, sesame, Vera pepper and extra virgin olive oil (optional). Enjoy yourself!

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