10 Egg Recipes With Bread On Meatless Monday (As Long As You Like)

2021-01-26   |   by CusiGO

Whether it’s on the weekend or early in the week, you make regular purchases (tell us, when do you make big deals?) You can notice this vegetarian recipe because we believe that most people, like us, always have eggs in the fridge. Some weekends are more tiring than relaxing, so when Monday comes, you almost don’t want to cook, and you may want to eat a simple meal to recover.

All of these are in line with the challenge of reducing meat consumption promoted by the “meatless Monday” campaign worldwide, and we always invite you to join us, So, your first day of the week’s food or dinner may be listed in this compendium of 10 “meatless Monday” recipes with eggs dipped in bread. These recipes are easy to make, including potatoes, ketchup, mushrooms, peppers, steamed wheat flour… You can also make them on any other day of the week, You know, the goal of meatless Monday is to reduce meat consumption for animal welfare, personal health and environmental protection, as well as Monday and another day of the week.

By the way, don’t think that the recipe of dipping these eggs in bread is based on some decorative fried eggs. Eggs can be cooked in different ways to maintain the fluidity of the yolk, which allows dipping. For example, in frying pan or boiling in water, the cooking method is also healthier than frying, if you like They eat eggs a few days a week. But we won’t delay any longer. We’ve left you an egg recipe so you can wet your bread and enjoy simple home cooking. You know, under these lines, you have a display of plates. To see the production process step by step, just click on the name on the photo. Tell us, what’s the first recipe you’re going to try?