Marriage Pioneer

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

It’s been four years since the last episode of “ownerless”. It’s a little pretentious, a little pretentious, and a little sloppy. It’s full of gentleness and talent. Four years is eternal, enough to destroy themselves. At the beginning of the new season, everything that used to be exquisite and charming has become pedantic, boring and detestable.

It seems that Aziz Ansari has been watching new wave movies since 2017, especially Romer’s movies. The result is something titled “moments of love,” shot in four-thirds format (why? Because it’s European and scholar, I say) through a series of very long fixed general planes, which deplete the retina of the most loyal spectator, it almost needs a proof of faith. Obviously, Ansari and Lina waite are not here to entertain and accompany us, but to make us seriously think about the meaning of our lives. This is a kind of religious confession, including confession.

Lena weith’s character, a lovely, somewhat extreme supporting role, has become a stone when she becomes the leading role. How hard they eat, how much they pay, how mediocre they are, how reluctant they are to sit with them to eat. If you take away the whole series of pseudo larsenism remnants, the last-minute moral sermons (“how do we tell our children about racism?” they ask themselves before they get pregnant) and the student resources of the film school, they want to get good grades, all of which stay in the marriage of Jose Luis Moreno, a self-help writer.

The past of corduroy and beard is coming to us as an art of compromise, worship and prayer. It takes the embers and sermons of half a century ago as a narrative form, and morality as the only possible conclusion. Sleep, sleep.

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