Javier Cardenas, European Fm

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Atresmedia radio decided to fire Javier Cardenas, who had been hosting the European morning show “FM up and Cardenas” until Monday, May 24. Although the host’s contract expires in September this year, the station has decided to move forward as Catalan newspapers are today. Sources from atresmedia radio confirmed that the image crisis of Cardenas affected space audiences and was the main reason for the early termination of the contract. A clause in the agreement signed between the company and the author allows both parties to unilaterally terminate the agreement early.

According to the general media Survey (EGM), the morning paper’s ratings have fallen by more than half since it reached more than 1 million viewers in 2017. According to recent records, this number has fallen to 470000, the lowest level in the history of the programme. Stand up, Cardenas has disappeared from the grill on the European FM website, and has been in the air for more than a decade after his director gave up his four seasons of morning dial-up network show bravery.

Since 2016-2018, when he was the host of TVE’s controversial peak hour program, the controversy surrounding this host has been particularly fierce. His emphasis on pseudo science content on TV has triggered continuous complaints from the public to the company’s audience. In some cases, it even spread rumors to millions of viewers, such as that vaccines can cause autism.

In the last show, Cadenas announced on the antenna that he intended to sue a Spanish journalist through his lawyer Miguel dur รก n, demanding that he end the coming space weekend ahead of time this weekend because of the decline in ratings. ” “I know the future of this project, and I’ll say it soon, because I just decided,” he explained to the microphone a few minutes before your company confirmed the unilateral termination of the contract.

In the summer of 2018, Cardenas issued a statement through his lawyer that TVE’s cancellation of the peak time plan was “accidental and unilateral” and intended to appeal to TVE.

Juan Ma Romero, the host of the evening show let me know more about FM Europe, has been a replacement for the show since it aired on Tuesday. The space will be renamed, although the string has not yet decided how it will be named until the end of the season.

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