Black Writers Have Diversified Tv Stories In The United States And Around The World

2021-05-25   |   by CusiGO

Vis am é Ricas, a studio that provides creative content for Paramount +, Nickelodeon, comedy central and other viacomcbs brands, has just created a black narrative team of Brazilian black writers as part of its project to produce more diverse programs, serials, films or competitions. Its purpose is to make the world depicted on the screen better reflect multiple social realities. More than half of Brazilians are mixed or black, and they are descended from enslaved Africans, a fact that adapts to advertising faster than the media. And, although African Brazilians have been on the screen for a long time, their roles are almost always perceived by whites. The plan is that within six months, their ideas will be compressed into four stories, which will be the seeds of new works.

“For a long time, black people in Brazil have been the subject of soap operas and movies… Now it’s time for him to become the subject,” explained Marton Olympio, head of the Quintet, in a video phone interview Or, in the words of Federico Cuervo, director of VIS America, they want the study, which produces content in Latin America for audiences in the region and around the world, “to speak behind and in front of the camera for people of African descent in Brazil.”. During the pandemic, writers exchanged ideas at home through zoom, where interviews were also conducted on the Rio Sao Paulo Buenos Aires link.

The five TV content producers share skin color and everyday life experiences, but their professional backgrounds are quite different. In addition to a classical writer, they include a dramatic actor, a cartoonist and the author of three novels. One was in Brasilia, one lived in the privileged south of Rio de Janeiro, and the other was on the edge of the city’s poorest. “The meeting went well,” Olympio said, because “there was diversity in the black narrative. Not all white people are equal, and they see the world differently. ” Black people have different voices and aspirations.

The anti racist protest against the death of George Freud, as happened before the meto movement, focused global attention on race and gender issues. This phenomenon has led companies and institutions around the world to conduct conscience review first, and then design and implement systematic programs to expand the diversity of gender, race or sexual orientation in their templates, creations, nominations, juries…

After months of internal reflection, viacomcbs announced at the end of last year that it would devote 25% of its Latin American budget to the creation and development of black, mixed race and indigenous content. Like Brazil, the image of the rest of the continent is much whiter than it is. ” Cuervo said it was an issue of promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness, which he described as the company’s “first step” and created content for telefe or porta DOS fundos.

They all emphasize that writers are not writing scripts, but trying to light up the story and then appear in very different forms. These ideas may end up as a romantic comedy, an action movie or a horror movie. We need to expand the record. There is a market eager to see black people fall in love and laugh in comedy, “he said.

The director of VIS America stressed that black narrative was not born to attract new audiences. He explained that the company used to have black screenwriters whose works reflected a certain degree of social diversity. The difference, he stressed, “is that there is now a clear strategy to deal with the sporadic outbreaks of individuals that used to be quite sporadic.” He gave examples of efforts to raise the profile of transgender people in Argentina or indigenous citizens in Mexico.

The captain insisted on breaking the plan and getting out of trouble. This is a question that goes beyond the often belittled role of African Brazilians, a place marked by the film “city of God”, which traveled around the world in 2002. For many foreigners, this is their only reference for slum life.

He added that getting rid of these patterns does not mean eliminating urgent issues such as racism. ” We’re not going to run away from the pending challenges, we can’t stop talking about racism, because the epidemic has now proved that, “Olympus recalled. In fact, the inequality of birth in slavery in Brazil or the United States means that coronavirus is more lethal to mixed race and black people than their white counterparts in both countries.

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