Loser Or Loser

2021-05-24   |   by CusiGO

We’ve lost European television again, who would have thought. I hope we can at least be sure that, as Hilario Camacho sings in the sadness of love, we do it for the sake of victory. But nothing can dispel long-standing rumors about rtve’s true intentions. A rumor is futile consolation: because we don’t want to, otherwise, they will find out! Everyone deals with failure as much as possible: we either lose consciousness, or we lose consciousness.

But not everything gloats at failure. This year, we have proved that we have the ability to win European television in one way. It’s a lie. We won the first rehearsal mock vote in Rotterdam on Friday. On Thursday, we go back to the victory of 1990: the decisive victory, a fake documentary, with a second, written by Paco Thomas and created by Cesar Vallejo de Castro and Alberto Fernandez. The ucron he proposed was great: brown sugar won European television because they didn’t suffer a sound breakdown, eclipsing them at the start of zagrev’s performance, which happened in a rehearsal.

Although we are behind 20th for six consecutive years and the number of viewers has declined compared with 2019, more than 4 million viewers have watched European TV from Spain. Despite some snobs, the international competition continues. They do so because they undoubtedly appeal to the public and to patriotism, which is neither respected nor ignored. We can win European television through encouragement. Because, as noome Arguelles said of the light machine in paquita hall, organizing this festival will bring money if you are smart. Maybe some experts are already thinking about the European outlook for 2050, and after doing so in the past and now, we can also lie about the future.

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