M Å Neskin, The Winner Of Eurovision 2021 From The Streets Of Rome

2021-05-23   |   by CusiGO

Roman rock band m å neskin won the European television festival in just a few years of music career. Most importantly, they won the European television audience. They scored 318 points in the public opinion poll, far higher than other participants. Italy has never won the festival since 1990.

In the past few weeks, the gaming companies have put them in the most popular position, and they have been completely successful. Although the trans Alpine country is used to ranking first in the polls, Mahmoud finished second in 2019 and Francesco gabani finished sixth in 2017, the long-awaited victory is finally coming this year.

Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raj and Ethan tocchio, 20, are members of the m å neskin band. They were born in Rome in 2016 and scored 524 points on their theme. They sing entirely in Italian, zitti and buoni, which is a bit “quiet”, A kind of “quiet, you look more handsome”, against the traditional and politically correct things. It’s one of their first creations, when they were playing on the streets of Rome, and behind an open guitar bag, passers-by left them some coins. ” This song is a message for those who feel judged by society, “they describe themselves. We are the same person, but we are not the same as them, “they cried.

The same theme has won the pop festival in Italy, which is a sacred San Remo Song Festival, with an amazing screen share of more than 50% every year, and Italian representatives participate in European television. At the time, a jury of a large international panel of experts defined his proposal as “a rude song.”. “The metaphors in the lyrics are well chosen and often talk to you,” he said. This is not a beautiful song, so the picture is not very good, but deliberately disturbing. This is a rude cry from the marginalized people in this false society. ”

Victoria De Angelis, a bassist, explains the meaning of the song in this way: “unfortunately, people will say it. They don’t know what they’re talking about. “It’s the real message that you don’t value what other people think of you.” In order to bring her to European television, they had to change a few bad words to adapt to the rules of the game.

His bets were dangerous, even unusual. By European visual standards, he sang a rock song in Italian and reminded people of Franz Ferdinand with flexible strings, but soon he was the winner. ” We want to tell the whole of Europe, everyone, that rock and roll will never die, “Damiano David said at the award. “We have an opposite theme, we are happy with our results and keep the Italian lyrics,” the group said the day before. We don’t think we have recipes, our communication skills come from being four friends playing games. We were real and sincere and we had a good time, “they added.

For them, the fable that brought them from the streets of Rome to one of the most popular stages of international music is spectacular, and it’s unusual in a country with a weak music band tradition and unaccustomed to Italian rock. Until recently, the band played in the heart of the Italian capital, Corsica Avenue, with the same music style but a slightly low-key aesthetics. They’ll go back to the street and they’ll stick to it. ” This is the beginning of our journey, “they said in a recent interview with the Republic Daily.

M å neskin means “Moonlight” in Danish, which is the original language of Angelis Victoria. She and Ruggie began working together at the Institute, and over the next few years the group expanded to two new members. The band became famous in Italy in 2017, taking part in the TV competition X factor and finishing second. Since then, the promotion has been steady. Through their show, they signed a contract with Sony Music and released their first album the following year. In 2019, they released their second album, which was quite a success. Several of their singles were broadcast on the radio.

Italy has won three European TV festivals, the first with gigliola cinqueti in 1964 and the second with toto Cutugno in 1990. The Italian sponsored version was held in Naples and Rome. The new headquarters is still an unknown, although at other times, when Italy leaves as the most popular bet, Turin’s choice is shuffled “We’ll see if he can still host the festival,” said Claudio Fasulo, vice president of Rai 1 public broadcasting, before the winner was announced. He also raised the thorny question of the cost of holding festivals in this successful country every year. ” People always say that Rai doesn’t want to make money by spending, but that’s not the case. We want to host the biggest music event in the world. With creativity, you can do things you can’t do with money, “he added.

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