Antonio Alcantara And “Friends” Zombies

2021-05-23   |   by CusiGO

When qianquet died, the whole Spain ran to embrace Pancho and compete on the beach of nija. Antonio Alcantara died this week, we’re all here, very rich. Between Paul Coelho and the call to the family in Godfather, what a terrible death. It’s so irrelevant that some readers now hear what the patriarch told me, and they’re very upset because they want to at least mourn for mache at the wake. It’s the death of a lie. This season tell me has been changed to science fiction and time travel. Antonio’s dead. We’re not interested. That will continue to make a sound next season.

Some people have not played for a long time, and they also come back to change the gender of their series: friends come back and become zombies. Those guys who make us happy for the table are now playing a special episode, which, from the trailer, will cause more fear than laughter. Oh, roses in the ronsa garden. Oh, beauty clinic. Oh, osteoarthritis. Unlike Antonio Alcantara, they have to die when they die, when the first white hairs appear. They should sign a no resurrection clause.

How hard it is to die well, just like the farmer’s father at dawn, his pain is praised by doctors as “what goes away, what goes out!” I think that this inability to speak of good death and respect for the gracefully silent characters expresses a greater inability to accept the true importance of death and their rituals. The plague has not improved this social awkwardness. We still dream of eternal youth and immortal life, believe in the future, 2050.

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