This Is Blass’S Performance On Eurovision In 2021

2021-05-22   |   by CusiGO

Blas canto, Spain’s representative for the 2021 European television festival, defended the theme of my stay in Rotterdam ahoy, the Netherlands, tonight, taking the 13th out of 26 contestants.

The man selected by rtve to be on Eurovision performed his powerful ballads in front of a huge moon, which is the main element of his stage design. The singer in black imitates the background of the stars, which is the theme of his live singing.

Her grandmother, who almost grew up with her, replaced her two teenage parents, was one of nearly 80000 Spaniards who had been killed by the coronavirus and was the engine of music themes. El murchano attended the festival. She saluted him in the official video of the song.

“I love you, Mom”, “I love you, Mom” (I love you, mom), she sang in English and French at the end of the show, referring to her grandmother. Despite his strong vocal performance, murchano is not one of the most popular players to win on eurotv tonight, with Italy, France and Malta all at the top.