Italy Wins European Tv In 2021 With Manneskin Rock

2021-05-22   |   by CusiGO

Italy won the 65th European television festival, also in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, where there are two different styles of music. Italian band maneskin’s rock theme zitti e buoni (quiet and nice) is loud and uncompromising, inherited by the late British artist David Bowie and tied for second place with her main rival singer Barbara pravi and her song vous. Pravie drank the legend of the Champs Elysees, singers and poets like Edith Piaf or Jacques Braille of Belgium.

Spaniard Blas canto was 24th out of 26 contestants, with the jury scoring six points and no audience. The host country, the Netherlands, did not win the public vote, even though it had 11 points. Britain is the last country to have no jury or audience vote. Spain gave France 12 points.

Damiano David is manneskin’s Italian singer. When he knew he was the winner, he put his hand on his head and exclaimed excitedly, “rock and roll will never die.” The winner sings in Italian, claiming the right to be different and breathe freely. Italy is ahead of quinia, followed by France and Malta, which have been the most popular since the first rehearsal. Maneskin means “Moonlight” in Danish, which is the native language of bassists. Four members of the band have known each other since high school. His influence among young voters is decisive, as measured by the strength of Barbara pravey. The French singer sent the same strong message, but in contrast to the Italians’ tears, the Italians eventually took the crystal microphone from Eurovision.

Blas canto, the representative of Spain, took the 13th place after Iceland because two members of the organization were infected with coronavirus, so a live recording was broadcast. He starts to sing his theme song, and I’ll be a little nervous until he accompanies the music. The artist finally summoned up the courage to pay homage to his grandmother, who died on the coved-19. Shortly before she took the stage, she realized her nervousness because she was “facing the performance of her life.”. However, happiness and excitement are more intense. Dutch commentators said the theme Blass Sang was “very meaningful and personal,” but they thought it looked like Duncan Laurence’s 2019 award-winning song arcade.

The safety and health measures of the epidemic reduced aloy’s audience to 3500, a room for 15000 people, but failed to overshadow the festival. More than ever, European television celebrates music in a show where everything seems new. The Dutch government has lifted the restrictions bit by bit, and there are still not a lot of dates, so the explosion of sound and light of the festival has tasted glory. The epidemic has also made the audience a more important mirror for artists than ever before. The evening started with 26 finalists and three of the four hosts sang on the stage. In a time of crisis, it’s a twinkle to the audience. European TV organizers have not forgotten Dutch singer Duncan Lawrence, who won the final in 2019 and is now suffering from coronavirus. He introduced his new song “stars” through a previously recorded video.

FES was designed as a pilot trial to assess the infection rate. Although diagnostic tests were conducted every 48 hours, people over the age of 70 were excluded to avoid risk. The result is a very young audience, from different countries, because foreign professionals and students living in the Netherlands have signed up. For the hearing-impaired audience, performers add dance to sign language, which is their own dance to better convey the emotion of the song. Her loyalty to the text is like this: when Finnish performers sing, they make a comb for the people around them, and the translation is done by hand. Pravet ordered “sandwiches and strawberries” and brought her strawberry sandwiches, a very popular combination in Holland. He thought it was a loud “disgust,” but he was grateful. Moldovan artist Natalia gordienko is worse off because she lost her microphone during a performance and was picked up by a dancer.

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