Experiment With 500000 Users In Spain

2021-02-28   |   by CusiGO

Nearly 500000 people have subscribed to atresplayer premium, one of Spain’s youngest platforms (launched in September 2019) and the only one close to the operating figures of large chain stores in the United States. In its profit statement submitted to the National Securities Market Commission last week, atrismedia reported an unusual number of 452000 subscribers, compared with 125114 subscribers it closed in 2019, almost four times the number. As their own craftsmen admit. In fact, between this and previous results is the international success of poison, one of his first exclusive series, and his subscription peak at the end of the physics or chemistry school year: reunion.

The logic of atrisplayer premium is unique in Spain, though not in the world. The model was launched in August 2019, which echoes with other international successful cases. “In the early versions of the platform, we had an audience that could watch content from atrismedia for free on demand. Jos é Antonio Anton ó n, deputy director of content at atrismedia, recalled: “we plan to charge [3 Euro per month] for a better experience, such as deleting ads and placing original content, which is similar to what CBS does in the United States, CBS all access or RTL in Germany does on tvnow platform.”. “Today, we’re uploading more than 4500 hours of content a month to atresplayer Premium: we’re bringing all of our channels together, just like all of antena 3’s own products, such as between information and antigueros, plus channel 6. Add the original program. ”

The latter is crucial to the amazing growth of the platform. Its us reference brand CBS all access (now renamed paramount +: few are as ephemeral as brands on the Internet) has settled down with the success of warlike, the sequel to good wife and one of the most popular series in recent years. The repertoire of atrismedia player is poison, a series about the 1990s’ sex change stars Javier Ambrose and Javier Calvo. The year began as a big bet for the new platform; it continued to be a bright spot for Spanish audiences and eventually became the most popular overseas motherland series ever. Inter medias also launched luimelia, an eight minute novel starring lesbian couple de Amar’s forever or by ana Milan. In addition, another blockbuster subscription: the return of high school physics or chemistry drama at the end of 2020, further boosting their numbers. From the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2020, the number of subscribers increased significantly: from 289465 to 452000. In contrast, mediaset, the most competitive group with atrismedia, announced on its platform mitele that it had 109000 subscribers as of the last quarter of 2020 (slightly lower than mediaset’s revenue of 178.7 million euros and atrismedia’s 2.39 billion euros in 2020).

By the way, Anton realizes that many of these series have high lgtbq content. “It’s not a strategy,” he replied. “Everything about lgtbq is already in society. For example, in the case of Lui Meria, we want the continuity of love to always be more important than the sexual orientation of the protagonist. Will there be characters, lgtbq plots in our series? Of course, because there are them in society. But this is not a wanted man. ” Recently, the platform launched for the first time chef castamar, a very heterosexual Era series set in 18th century Madrid. In a few months, he will launch Lubao’s drag contest, the long-awaited Spanish version of the old drag draft. Anton said Ambrose, bald, designer Anna Logan will be the jury on the show.

“Our action is for a concept: to be a local hero,” Anton explains. “Hero is the word we use to explain that we have to arrive first. The local people are the public we have to face. Antenna 3 base is already a bold chain: from here out of the paper house or vis visible. Now, with Lui mellia, we’re trying to do eight minute chapters. It’s about doing what other people don’t do. “