“Luimeria,” You Don’T Know The Love You Need

2021-02-26   |   by CusiGO

Success on TV is often the most unexpected. Well, that’s true. It’s hard to start with a more obvious phrase. But it’s the perfect way to explain an atypical project like luimelia. A series that is more than a series is a phenomenon between worship and passion, even if there is no great romantic story or cup soap opera, even if you don’t see the chapter of love forever, it’s a discovery that it needs a life full of pop drama and too solemn and arrogant series.

Why is soap opera series from an era a good idea? This is the most obvious problem when reading the project description. Maybe, in an era where the audience niche is dominant, we just don’t know where to look. Everything was born with a lesbian couple (luimeria, Louisa and Amelia, the lucky child of Brangelina), and Amar’s nuclear family is forever. Without a plan, these characters find their audience in a place that doesn’t seem to be the most logical goal: social media and young people. He’ll take his time, just like the daily show, but when they kiss for the first time, the bulls are already blowing. There are more and more followers, noisy and creative, painting, heated discussions and fans dedicated to these roles. They call themselves luimeliers.

#Luimeria was born, a project designed to better enjoy the pleasure. Multiple love letters. The two worlds are intertwined organically, and the new atlas player platform knows how to seize the opportunity. After considering all kinds of ideas, he chose the strangest one. He brought this glorious combination to the present world and reactivated Cupid’s arrow. This is such a rare project that it can only be accomplished by breaking all the established things and giving creativity.

The experiment of moving persecuted people from the 1970s to the 21st century may be confined to marketing. However, Camino Sanchez, Diana roho and Borja Gonzalez santorala see a world full of possibilities in this opportunity. They will make a living out of fans and even give feedback. And while it helps to understand all the references, jokes, and metalanguage more complex than the community, it doesn’t even need to know the role of love forever.

#Lui Meria is lively, fresh, creative, free and original. She tries to break the rules of TV structure. He doesn’t look like anything he’s doing now. Every week is amazing. In this movie, it’s more like the melancholy plot of ownerless than Julia Roberts. Luimelia is a pure 21st century person, her way of speaking, but also has her movie style, hair removal, inattention, want to play with a lot of sticks. It may sound negative, but it’s his greatness. One is a complete roll on the back seat of a taxi, and the other is a black-and-white experiment, paying homage to Woody Allen’s films (Madrid became Manhattan, no one taught Madrid to do that), then curling up his hair, The other even dares to break the fourth wall of dialogue with the Internet and put the screenwriter himself in the middle. All of these are 8 to 12 minute capsules, and it’s hard not to fall in love in the league. No sugar packets.

But the most powerful weapon he played was the reason he won in the diary: his character. Nothing is more important than this series. The chemistry and nature between Paula usero and Carol rovila are palpable. They have the charm that we can’t imagine they’re not a couple in real life. They are Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the Spanish series. Two other actresses like to walk around the house; real, interesting and profound. You’ll soon understand that it’s not surprising that Twitter and instagram are full of avatars of the couple. A vibrant song makes you intoxicated at the end of season 3, which makes us want to live with them for many years, regardless of their chapters and seasons. In addition to the passion of the fans, they will be furious on hot topics every week, and other characters will get more time; fans will catch one chapter after another to make up for their shortcomings. You can end up like this. All you have to do is between the sheets of a rented Madrid cottage.

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