Who Are The New Board Members Of Rtve

2021-02-25   |   by CusiGO

The 10 new advisers for Spanish radio and television were selected after 87 of the 95 candidates attended the parliamentary elections. One of them is Jos é Manuel P é rez tornero, who will be chairman of the company. Two major components, PSOE and PP, will play an important role in the new board of directors. According to the allocation of seats, the socialist party will have four seats and the people’s party will have three. Together, we can add two more, and the last one will be in the hands of the national police. Citizens refused to take part in dubbing and denounced “adultery” in the process. “It’s a pantomime,” Party spokesman Guillermo Diaz said on Thursday. Vox is excluded from the equation.

In mid January, candidates began appearing on the Congressional Nominations Advisory Committee. The 87 people who finally defended their management project were considered appropriate by most people, only to vote against it. They didn’t stop the candidates from protesting. Miguel Angel sacaluga, a TVE journalist and 18-year-old board member, appealed to the constitutional court last month on the grounds that the principles of merit, competence and transparency were not respected. Angel Luis gozalo, a telecom engineer, also disagrees with the idea of offering unfair “bonuses” to “people who completely lack the highest level of business management experience”. These people can only become members of the board through political interdependence.