The Judge Told Them To Shut Up.

2021-02-23   |   by CusiGO

“Will they let me finish? “, “Can I talk to you? “Can I do my job?” “, Viewers of the first season of Movistar + have learned that judge candela Montes (played by candela pennia) is always patient and patient in proportion to the number of times people try to interrupt her. The consolation we get from what we have learned and the deja vu we get from the Internet language come down to the repetitive, loud and powerful “say it! “In the second season, which premiered last Friday, we invaded again. Rest assured and well-trained, just like the sheets we know in our parents’ home, whenever an adult orders mans Plaines to shut up, we will use our screen (not very vividly) to provide this kind of comfort without shaking his forever perfect and ambitious bangs.

So far, two episodes have been aired – the next one will be aired every Friday – and the second season of iron, written by Pepe Cora and Alfonso Blanco and directed by Jorge Cora, proves that the novel, set on the most remote island in the Canary Islands, can surpass itself. The black play has neither lost the bellows nor disappointed, because it solved the mystery of who killed Fran, and the story inspired the interest of the first season. On the one hand, the new stage is still associated with several characters, serving as the end of the event. There they are, the giant Diaz (Dario grandinetti) and his daughter pilar (Kimberly tell), fighting the heretic unsolved drug trafficking scam in their platanella, while the charms of Samir and the role of the linciano family (Antonia St. John) will always exist, Like the impressive portrait he presided over in the mysterious living room of his colonial home. On the other hand, a new role has been introduced this season, bringing everyone together. Mat í as Varela, an ambitious Mafia speculator, an avid shirt Speculator and an American from San Diego abaskar, will fight with his former partner, aroha fahez, for custody of his daughters, naira Le ó and Helena Sempere, in a conflict that divides the island into two parts.

Without losing its sublime and awe inspiring aura of glamour to an island, this land visually resembles the plot between the great and magnetic planes of nature, the cruelest and most unpredictable of all. In the face of the high smoke, wearing a tight suit and pencil skirt, and not giving up high heels to face the cobblestone street, the iron crown returned to judge Montes. Candela pennidand won the 2020 “ferocity Award” and “actors’ union”, which is a team led by Television – it’s for those who have vision; for those who have a tradition of aversion to women, it’s going to be marginal and extended. It’s a loose alliance of lawyers Diane Lockhart and riot inspector LAIA Urquijo or detective Stella Gibson. In Hiro, the ruthless judge was finally punished on the island farthest from the peninsula for questioning too many things. She was also a brave mother, a vulnerable woman, who was hurt by her difficult decisions.

In the first season, a local explained to the judge that the murdered man was a little “machagoo” and that the local slang said he was “a good man, but a little stupid.”. When many of us want to have this firmness, shout “can I speak? “In the midst of so much environmental noise, to see this” used to trouble “judge declare his position wisely, the popular audience can’t help sighing, thinking about how long it takes for a candela mountain to demand space, and once and for all to shut up all those who deal with it.