Towards The Most Uncertain European Vision

2021-02-21   |   by CusiGO

Blas canto will represent Spain and rtve at the European television festival in Rotterdam on May 22, singing the ballads I will leave behind. The song is chosen by TVE viewers, who can vote between two choices and broadcast on the public company’s website for three consecutive days at a party on Saturday night. Cantor was selected as the representative of rtve at the end of 2019, but the event was cancelled for the first time in 2020 due to the prevalence of coronavirus. The singer, a former member of the youth Band auryn, has a new opportunity in 2021 to create a song with Leroy s á nchez, Daniel Ortega and Dan Hammond.

I’ll stay. I got 58% of the vote on a party on Saturday, not the memory (42%). The party lasted until midnight (it had to end around 23:30) and had complications because of problems with voice and labels. The phone number assigned to each theme for the audience to vote is wrong. Both songs repeat the phone number assigned to the memory. This error is not highlighted by the host at any time to avoid confusion. At the start of the show, which has been accumulating votes since last Wednesday, it was announced that 72% of the votes were for one of the songs. 969000 people (6.1%) watched the party.

The singer is satisfied with the choice of folk songs. “I think we can get excited in Rotterdam. I’m really happy. I’m very nervous, because it’s the singing of the two candidates, we are very excited, when we sing live, we will notice this, we are very grateful. I’m very happy with what we’ve done, “he said at the end of the party. “I will stay for the people I lost this year. It’s a very exciting song (Cantor’s father died in May last year at the age of 49), but it’s also a very promising song, because you know they will always be with you, and you have to sing with your heart,” he said on the show. The artist is surrounded by five members of his choir, Alba gill, Hector atiels, Della MONZON, Irene Alman and DAngelo Ortega, who will also accompany him on Eurovision.

Many fans of European TV have criticized the song and the chosen stage on social media, hoping that the song can be improved so that canto has a chance to improve Spain’s image at the film festival. In the past five votes, Spain has not surpassed 21. “There’s a lot of work to do before May, we have to outline it, we have to work, talk about Capella’s entrance, the chorus… This is a little sketch of what might happen in Rotterdam. I think we’ll be excited, “he explained, singing on Sunday morning. In November, the European Broadcasting Union announced that this year’s festival will be held regardless of the health crisis in May next year. To this end, he has developed a plan that includes all possible scenarios. Each station will record a live performance that can be used if participants are unable to travel due to an epidemic. EBU is also shuffling. Participants can attend in person or stay in their own countries.

Blas canto, 29, was appointed directly as Spain’s representative by rtve in October 2019, a few years after he left Spain. In January 2020, Dan Hammond’s song “I’m going to stay” (Universo) was released and won more popular support than this year. In 2004, when she was 12 years old, she was going to represent rtve in the election party, and her other shortlisted Mar í a Isabel won the second place. It was done on European children’s day. In 2011, his band auryn took part in the TVE election for Spanish delegates. After a few qualifiers, they came second after Lucia Peres because I was eliminated (and then came second in the final of the festival). After the disintegration of Olin in 2017, he released his first solo album complex and won the third “your face sounds like me” music competition.