Blass’S Song For European Vision: Flat And Sparkless As An Algorithm

2021-02-20   |   by CusiGO

We humans are discontented and protesting. Of course, there are less critical people, but when you talk about European television, there is a large group: dissatisfaction and protest. The organizers of European television were asked not to let the will of the people choose our representatives at the festival, and then something out of control like chikili Carter happened. They put forward another formula to northern Europe, they know how to win the festival. In other words, an expert committee should choose a person with a certain background (and a good voice), who has a certain background but is not very popular; once it has made a choice, it should take time to carefully choose the song.

Blas Cantor was elected by the Music Council in October 2019, when the festival was held in May 2020. Perfect silhouette. The Mexicans tanned their skin in Orin and began their solo career. professional. There’s still time to work. perfect. But the pandemic hit us. Now is the time. It’s almost a year and a half since the election. There is still a lot of time to prepare. That’s too much. So much so that Blas canto seems to have been a former representative of the Spanish film festival, just like Miki Nunez or Manel Navarro.

These songs, yes, are new because the songs chosen for eurotv 2020 are excluded. They are new, but not new. They seem to have been selected with the success of spotify’s commercial pop section. On the other hand, the two singers introduced by Blass are competent people. They seem to be selected by an algorithm. Two songs that are neither pinched nor scratched, and one music line is destined to produce background music (previously ironed) when you hang out on social media. I want to stay (the four composers). This song lacks epic, tragic and seriousness. Memory (the other four composers) is more vivid. There are no pranks, sparks and inaccuracies. Remember ed Sheeran, Sean Mendes… We said, remember… Algorithm. Nothing is original, no surprise. Even auto tuning will surprise us. But I didn’t.

Blas canto enthusiastically defended them and demonstrated convincing vocal conditions at Eurovision’s destination Eurovision Party (TVE 1), where the winner will represent Spain to Eurovision in 2021. I’ll stay, the one with the most votes, a kind song, nothing happened. Start, continue, end. Now?

In this show, Blas canto tried to extend it to two hours, which proved to be a very important thing. He performed other themes with others: edune, sepera, pastora Soller… One of them is very complicated. It’s his first solo album with Vanessa Martin, and, God, it’s bleeding. In addition, the performers showed a warm and charming picture at the party. If all the other participants in the last Eurovision competition could see the flowers of the day, Kant pointed out that it would be a long race.

The European television festival was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on May 22. Details of the pandemic remain to be seen. Because we have no interest in lyricism, the Spanish representative can even bring us joy. This is a problem of not making a fool of ourselves and not being over 20 years old. This will surpass what Spain has achieved in the past five years.