The Sudden Success Of Disney + Has Changed The Ecosystem Of “Streaming Media” Platform

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

The Disney + digital platform will be closed in 2020 14 months after its launch, with 94.9 million users worldwide. In the initial forecast, when it launched its streaming service, it would reach 90 million by 2024. With the epidemic and its limits, cinemas closed, Disney and Pixar premieres made significant progress directly online, and some of their series, such as the Mandalorians, were successful around the world, The company has had to update its forecast: in three years, it will have 230 to 260 million users. With the launch of “Star” stamps in Europe, the number will increase and the content will be open to adult audiences. Disney + announced on Tuesday that it will produce 50 European original works by 2024, although there is no Spanish champion yet. Yes, she has appointed producer Sofia Fabregas as the former vice president of production in Spain, responsible for development projects.

According to a study recently released by digital research, a British consulting firm, Disney will be close to $300 million by 2026, and Netflix will reach $286 million (just over $200 million at present). “In any case, Disney + will only outnumber Netflix in India,” the report stressed In India and Indonesia, the US company provides services through the Disney + hotstar platform, which plans to expand to 13 Asian countries by 2026. According to the consulting firm, this will provide Disney with about 108 million users (37% of the global total; only 13% of the company’s revenue, because ticket prices in both countries are lower than in the rest of the world). Digital research predicts that Amazon’s prime video will reach 184 million customers, HBO Max will reach 50 million, Apple TV + will reach 11 million, and China’s streaming media service will reach 279 million.

Disney’s announcement of 94.5 million users dates back to January 2, when it launched its first amazing universe series, wandavision, and released its star stamp in Europe on February 23, New Zealand and Canada (the equivalent of Hulu in the United States), with content for adult audiences, will also include part of fox’s old catalog, so by then it may have passed the milestone of 100 million users. The company plans to release more films (at a premium) on the platform in the coming months, such as “Leia” and “the last dragon” in March, or TV novels by Marvel studios Falcon and winter soldiers (March) and rocky (may). In December last year, Disney + announced that it would nurture its coffers of dozens of marvel and Star Wars films, whose franchises have put the company in the lead for the past few years.