Bird: The Law Of Female Desire

2021-02-16   |   by CusiGO

One dollar a page. This is the erotic story that Milton lubowski paid Anna Nien. She just arrived in the United States and did nothing but date Henry Miller and his colleagues. Lubowski is not a publisher. He is a bookseller. I don’t want literature, I want sex. There is no doubt that the motto of those absolutely pornographic texts is “less poetry and more sex”. Miller’s people are direct. Rather those, luxuriant and ambiguous. The role of women in this is controversial. Nien himself often said that everything he built was built from human vision, but his voice was “not completely submerged”. In fact, they are considered to be the first written expression of women’s desire. In fact, they see themselves as an example of how complex this desire to tell themselves is. Because of its shape, just like it was invaded by male stories.

The last thing people want to see is that TV adapted a book to collect these stories, especially the book called Firebird, which has proved to be very traditional. Starzplay is an imitation of the times. Its purpose is to increase the flight speed formally, and process the images in an almost fantastic and fabulous way. However, it falls into the rigidity of a very artificial script. Far from exploring the boundaries of Nien’s text, this play does not explore the boundaries of Nien’s text, It is more or less in line with the cliche of Hefei soap opera. Behind the invention is Sophia al Maria (38, Washington), a lucky woman in Qatar’s fiction industry. Maria was born in the United States, but she lived in the Persian Gulf all her life. She even created a genre in speculative novels, which is called Gulf futurism, and is related to the anti Utopian architecture in the region.

But there’s no futurism or anything like that in birds. Here’s a young city girl, Lucy Savage (a limited Juno Temple), who went to Tangier to marry a man she didn’t even know and found out he didn’t like girls. Hugo Cavendish Smythe (Hugh Skinner) is known as a boy and has an affair with Egyptian Prince Adam Abaza (Rafael aloki). Not only does Lucy not have a dull and cold world, but she is willing to try everything she meets, but she has to find her own life, see what she is doing, why not, a heroine who enjoys the power given to her by her clients, or Lily von x, an omnipotent performing woman, she seems to live in a world designed for her. By the way, this year is 1955. Morocco is about to become independent from France. Ah, Rosie De Palma has a small role, even she, always so natural, seems to be forced into it.

Because al Malia designed a crystal shoe of her own, she tried to let the spirit freely integrate into it forever. In this case, as she said, Nien’s “barbaric and interpretative”. There is nothing wild or definite in the bird. There is an era of pretending to be colorful, full of common places and blushing phrases – just like an Egyptian who fell in love with Hugo told Hugo that he “would not change anything” because he was married. “It changed everything,” he replied. His self-esteem was greatly hurt. He got into the convertible without wearing a shirt – he seemed to keep only the obsession of Nien with his father and, of course, the luxurious boat trip. On the whole, the heroine Lucy left behind when she left New York, Starting with a drug addict, she hated the idea of becoming a woman in a world of wives.

Al Maria said that when she reread Firebird, she found that it has a tendency of “Orientalism, racism and sexism”. Strangely, she may choose to expand the narrow vision that can be given to the narration of the world when the world does not get the attention it deserves. She seems to be limited. She also puts her novels on the basis of another novel – in many cases, more or less erotic plots are narrative; in other cases, they are usually given little space, like cherifa Lamour’s performance scenes, which are almost inappropriate if the purpose is to highlight the characters They don’t help anyone. By the way, it might work if Stacie passon’s miniseries (billion dollar, card house) satirized the idea of the subject itself, as ninen did to some extent with the (very masculine) sexual behavior she portrayed at the time. But there is nothing to destroy and rebuild. This story seems very comfortable, because of its embarrassment and clumsy rigidity, it can’t see any further, which is a pity.