“Gen Playz”: Providing Public Services For Generation Z

2021-02-13   |   by CusiGO

A table tennis table, a few chairs, a simple decoration and a large screen. Spanish television only needs to play an interesting program in an interesting and different TV debate, not on its main channel, but on its digital playz platform. It’s not for their traditional audience, it’s for the younger generation. For a long time, TVE has a lot of work to do to restore its long-standing chain operation and public services. These include attracting young audiences, not just games like “triumph” or series like “hit”, but also technical catch-up. In both areas, the agency has been engaged in various projects for a long time, one of which is playz. After several years of testing, success and error, TVE believes that 2021 will be the year for generation Z (people born between 1995 and 2012) content to take off. To a certain extent, this is based on their key role in gen playz, which is a space for debate among young people.

The draft trans bill, the famous youtube and tax, hatred on the Internet, polyamor or the future of city music are some of the issues that Gen playz has been dealing with since it was founded in September, with in é s hernand as the host and moderator, and Dario EME hache as a participant. “We have to seek to be the spokesperson of generation Z and rely on them internally,” Agustin Alonso, playz’s content coordinator, explained on the Azcona platform in Madrid, where the show was recorded as a fake direct broadcast. Reporter Celia Montalban, sitting in front of a separate monitor, holding different cameras and scripts, stood up after a few breaks to discuss the progress and direction of the recording with hernand. “The most complicated thing is to deal with this problem correctly, what kind of trend we want to become, and sometimes we mark our conversations. Although these topics are not discussed, we think it is important to put them on the table. At some point, we succeeded. ”

Montalban explained: “the format we proposed is like this, which has to be a thing between TVE (1976-1985) and telecinco (1991-1993), which is a mixture of young audiences and made by young people.” he pointed out that the Plaze gene is also very interesting for other age groups, and bias should be avoided. “One thing I don’t understand is that the elderly totally refuse because they are young people. “It may be interesting, you may not be very interested in what young people say, but they are super smart people and they are very interested in current affairs,” she said.

On the day of the national recording, we discussed the subject of trans law. Among the young rapporteurs were a jurist, a jurist, a lawyer, a writer and a sexologist. General Prydz has been criticized for being too young for some of the participants and therefore inexperienced. “In fact, all generalist TV shows are packed with people over the age of 30, giving public broadcasting a small space on digital TV, a small budget, and people under the age of 30 can talk about these issues in their language,” Alonso said. “We have to avoid condescension, even in the previous generation. “The program needs to work hard to find talent, to find interesting young people,” the coordinator said. “We’ve done a lot of work to find new people, young voices… It’s the most difficult and difficult work, though very satisfying. Montalban added: “we suddenly made a voice and gave birth to some unknown people, and we thought it was important to listen to them.”.

“Today’s theme has been thinking, deciding how we want to focus, what kind of voice we want, people who know how to talk, moderately express their ideas, and are willing to listen and share. “It costs us, because sometimes in every thought or trend, the loudest sound is the most extreme sound,” Montalban explains. “I hope people can sit here and talk in the most cordial tone. This is a program with stamps. This is a pleasant surprise, because I don’t think young people have such a big position in politics. If you do this, don’t stand on the extreme side. You will find some people who are conversational and tolerant. They want you to rescue them from the ideological, social or cultural bubble. ” Montalban says these discussions often shift to social media, where, sometimes, they’re more original, or they extract ideas from programs. The coordinator pointed out that this type of website is the most harmful to maintaining healthy conversations: “on twitter, people are getting more and more angry and often trapped in trenches.”

Rtve will launch a new digital platform sometime in the next few months, bringing all its content together and enabling users to better navigate through it, including its huge historical files. “Playz will become another channel there, belonging to a more global strategy, although it will continue to produce for other channels. For example, if it wasn’t for youtube, Gen playz couldn’t understand its influence. First of all, young people are there in many cases. In addition, there is a type of YouTube review, as happened in resistance, which is an important part of space. There are some very interesting comments, “Alonso commented. “There’s an interaction on youtube, and sometimes it’s very complex on our own audio-visual platform. Moreover, we are a public service, and if this is a place where people are, then we have to exist, we have to create content, “he added.