It Has Penetrated Into The Universe Of North Korea For Ten Years

2021-02-09   |   by CusiGO

Documentary producer MADS br ΓΌ gger (48, Copenhagen) made a satire on his first trip to the world’s most intense and fascinating dictatorship, which has no appeal to the North Korean regime (called “the red church”). That’s why he accepted that when a fellow countryman offered to infiltrate the association of friends of Korea in Denmark, a group of retired men and women looked as harmless as ardent supporters of the most totalitarian (and luxury) regime. “My expectations are too low. “I thought he would lose interest,” the director of film from Copenhagen explained in a video interview on Thursday. But Ulrich Larsen, the mole, is far more interested than expected, despite the exponential increase in risk. Most of the two episodes were recorded in the darkroom, the result of his 10 years of undercover work.

Larson, a chef, wife and children in his 30s, had time to start a patient task because he received a pension from the Danish government after a chronic illness drove him off the stove. The last dynasty of Leninism: how the system works to sell weapons – pistols, submarines or medium range missiles – and methamphetamine, bypassing UN sanctions on nuclear testing.

For many years, Alejandro Cao de Benos of Spain has been a great envoy and propagandist of the North Korean regime in the West. He is a Infiltrator who wins the trust of the North Koreans by meeting with European comrades who admire Pyongyang. Its work. “I have doubts about Zod Benos,” said the documentary producer, who first visited North Korea in Catalan. “I thought he was a clown. It’s hard to believe that powerful people would take him seriously. But at the Oslo conference, he took off his mask and showed that he was another person. “A dangerous person, a person of vital importance in the criminal network, escapes sanctions,” he added Brugge stressed that the Spanish “kept their word” in the negotiation with mole.

In addition to what these photos reveal, like any spy work, there is a mirror game that seems to blur the contours of reality and fiction. The director said that people who shoot without their consent have the right to copy.

Cao de Benos denied all the charges in a letter to film, never concealing his love of collecting weapons and wearing a badge printed uniform. On the hidden camera images, he said: “it’s a great play (by the filmmakers) and I play with it to condemn Ulrich and James.” He believes that the video is a public image of “a montage full of lies, completely distorted and manipulated for profit”.

In addition to mole and Todd Benos, the protagonist of the trio is Mr. James. Charming and elegant, Larson appeared when he had been monitoring and winning the trust of Zod Benos for many years. So far, Larson has publicly recorded the intimate relationship between North Korean friends, spread the association’s activities on social media, and penetrated into the truth of crime and conspiracy. Mr. James pretended to be an arms dealer and was interested in North Korean samples. It soon became clear that he felt comfortable. In fact, he was a former soldier of the French Legion and joined the production as soon as he got out of prison. He sells coke. “I met him at a bar in Copenhagen,” the principal explained. “James likes danger. For others, it’s a risk. For James, it’s another day in the office They held meetings in Pyongyang and around the world, including an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda, and in hotel rooms where the team transformed sophisticated undercover filming equipment.

The hundreds of hours recorded include a schedule of outstanding transactions. Not giving money to the North Korean regime is one of the president’s red lines. “We never paid them for airplanes, hotels… Because it would be immoral. They didn’t ask for it either

As the plot developed, BBC and public television stations DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway) and SVT (Sweden) joined in. It’s vital to keep a secret. In the first few years, only about 10 people knew it; when television came along, only more than 20 knew it. Larson kept the cold to an unexpected degree, just like Benos’ Cao took out a microphone detector at taragona’s home and beeped at the mole’s hidden device. The tension is the greatest.

The director said the chef was willing to help him expose the most totalitarian regime in the world because he knew the trauma of Communist Germany when he was a child. Brugge made it clear to him that he would not pay him; he did agree to protect him.

They hardly expected that they would tell such a story together. “I think Ulrich (Larsen) needs to take a risk and do something meaningful.” The last scene was shot a few weeks before its premiere last October.

Since then, the United Nations panel of experts on North Korea, the FBI and the National Crime Bureau of the British government have all contacted Brugg. He hopes his work will be disclosed in the UN report in March. The Danish and Swedish governments will use the tape to remind their EU colleagues.

King’s dictatorship survived the famine of the 1990s. “I’m afraid they’ll be there for a long time,” said the documentary producer. Kim Jong Un and his regime are easy targets for humor. “I have also committed the crime of exploiting the vulgar side. This is a mistake. It’s a cruel, criminal regime that destroys and murders people. It shouldn’t be seen as a joke, “he stressed.